The North Circular

The clack of knitting needles was a familiar sound in the houses I grew up in. I broke the knitting tradition when Sister Annunciata tried to make me knit a bottle green woolly hat with a pompom on top of it, to match my bottle green school uniform. I knew finishing it would mean wearing it and I wasn't about to let that happen.

The North Circular utilizes the talents of (mostly) grandmother knitters to make pieces that make me wish I'd finished that damn hat. Much as I adore the Etsian / crafter / blogger community, I'm painfully aware that there are so many amazing older craftswomen and men out there who don't have the internet-savvy to reach us handmade-hungry consumers. And The North Circular uses ethical wool from rescued sheep in North Yorkshire. These sheep graze on organic land and the wool is spun and dyed naturally. I love this business model.

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