Movie nights

I finally got around to watching Ondine on the weekend. It's a visually stunning, waterlogged movie, and between the sea and Colin and even a donkey, I was in seventh heaven watching it.

My favourite feature of Irish films is the way children routinely are portrayed. They betray ancient, wise souls far more in the know than the adults in the film. The sisters in In America are point in case and Marie in War of the Buttons too, even wee Maurice in Waking Ned. Little Annie in Ondine was cut from the same cloth and I adored her pitch perfect blend of brazen wisdom.

I haven't been to the movies a lot lately, but I did catch Never Let Me Go a few weeks ago with Laura. I usually detest Keira Knightley, but she was well-cast in this role and Carey Mulligan was so very good that she left the real lasting impression. I went crazy for the wardrobe and styling of this movie; lots of wellies and macs and heavy bangs.

Have you watched anything good lately?
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