Lately, I feel like I've just found the beat of the week, am beginning to tap along and bam! it's Friday already. I can't believe it's past mid-November. Snow could fall any day now. And although things are good and I'm actually excited for snow, I'm trying to slow the pace a little, take care I don't make myself dizzy as I'm wont to do when things are going well... it's easy for me to take on more and more and too much even.

I really want to curl up with a book this weekend and get lost in a really good story, hit the farmer's market and do very little else really. I'm still sticking with the puritanical financial diet I put myself on, so much so that the little holiday shopping I've been sneaking in here and there has felt strange.

Over here, I'm sharing a guest post today - a story about possibly the most nostalgic thing in my closet. A huge thanks to Chedva for inviting me to share this! I really am dying for some new clothes. Every time I do a Sunday best, I want to reinvent myself. The gap between those fantasy outfits and my day-to-day wear is growing pathetically wide.

I have my favourite bottle of wine (Cloudy Bay) in the fridge right now, but I have to say Logan Wines have the prettiest wine labels ever (via Concrete & Honey). Also, on the back of my wreath post, I'm in love with Emily Thompson's, spotted on Design*Sponge. Kate found yet another amazing calendar (my pre-emptive gift strike has mostly consisted of calendar-buying). Madewell's gift guide is the prettiest so far. Of course, I want it all for me, especially this top.

What about you - any plans for this weekend? Hope it's a great one!

Image credits: 1. Peppermint Shadows, 2. Translucent threads shimmering like spiderwebs caught by morning's grace., 3. Untitled, 4. Seagrass that looked like a lion's mane
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