I'm happy for Friday, as always. But this week it wasn't as much of a dogged race to the finish line as it usually is. I actually had a really decent week! I'm working on some fun projects right now. Plus, I've been invited to be a judge at the Exhibitor Competition of the One of a Kind Show and that has me tickled pink.

The blog world made my mouth water this week: This sweet potato recipe sounds like all things good and this carrot cake too (maybe I'm β-Carotene deficient?!) Real Irish brown bread is one of the things I miss most from home (with real butter and Mrs O'Hanrahan's marmalade please). I'm always looking for that perfect recipe, so am dying to give this brown bread recipe a shot.

But I do occasionally love things that aren't destined for my tummy! Aron wrote a kids anatomy book (just wow!) and Meghan found these amazing photographs. I loved this home post from Emma and this one from Jules. And I will have one more post this afternoon with another highlight from this week. It's dreamy and worth coming back for!

Have a lovely, lovely weekend friends!

Image credits: 1. november, 2. Glendalough, Co. Wicklow, 3. Dead Man Tea, 4. slow sparrow stitching
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