How nice that it's Friday. I have - wait for it - a commitment-free weekend. No freelance articles to write, no decorating projects or hair appointments or anything. Bliss.

I'm going to hit the farmer's market early tomorrow and stock up on all manner of tastiness, including soda bread from the Irish baker Nuala. I'm this close to calling her Mum. Seriously, I could close my eyes and listen to her chat and buy up all of her paddywhacked baked goods.

I'm feeling something I don't quite know how to express this week. I guess "even-keeled" is the closest I can come. I'm happy for all the things I'm even-keeled with; exercise has suddenly become a non-issue and diet too (though the results are yet to manifest I'm hope they begin to soon). And I'm getting a fair bit of writing done every day and steadily working on other plans.

At the same time, by definition even-keeled days don't include real high points. I'm so used to highs and lows it almost feels like I can't possibly be moving forward right now, when in fact I'm getting lots done. And I have nothing to self-flagellate over either (other than the fact I wasn't doing all of this much longer ago).

I've got to say all this leaves me feeling a bit unhinged. And I wonder if it's something I should get used to and learn to appreciate or if I should be running out the door looking pushing myself into something more difficult, getting myself to do more. I guess I always like pushing those boundaries of comfort a little; feeling 'the fear' and the rewards that come from pushing through it.

Some blog highlights this week: Possibly the best kitchen ever and yet another lovely, lovely calendar. The One Mile Gallery looks amazing and Vogel's wood turnings are stunning (I love everything this guy touches!) And, lastly, I don't think I've told you just how much I love this blog. It's easy to take for granted the fact that you all know about it already. Every time I visit, I feel a very visceral tug, nostalgic for something, though I don't know what.

So, here we are. Friday. How was your week? What are you hoping for from the weekend? How are things in your world these days? Tell me stories... I love stories.

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