Where we blog from: Lottie Loves

Charlotte is the blogger behind Lottie Loves. A writer and researcher, Charlotte also has an exquisite eye for intelligent and fun design and she consistently turns up incredible, new-to-me finds. Her blog space embodies the very same clean and light aesthetic as her blog (I love when blogger's spaces actually "match" their blog!). This is where Charlotte blogs from and what she has to say about it...

Hello Jane… Thanks for having me take part in your Where we blog from series… I started Lottie Loves earlier this year when I took the leap from the world of nine to five to work freelance as a writer and researcher… I finally found I had enough time to start and maintain a blog alongside my other work and am loving it. I live in West London with my husband and at the moment we both work from our new (first) home. He has the desk in our spare bedroom so I mainly work and blog from our dining room table.

We found the table in a local junk shop, I painted the underneath and we polished the top. The painting next to it is of me and is by the artist Simon Henwood.

I also do quite a lot of my blogging and blog research in the evening while sitting on the sofa with the tele or radio on. It makes a change from being at my desk all day.

We moved into our flat around 5 months ago and while it is still a work in progress (we still have pictures to hang, furniture to buy) we are getting there. The Rob Ryan on our mantlepiece was a wedding present which I love. We've created a very relaxed, calm space in which to live and work which is really what we wanted.

When I'm not blogging or working you can usually find me on my bike… especially on days like today when it is blue skies and sunny!

Thanks Jane for having me take part…

Thanks Charlotte!

P.S. If you would like to participate in Where we blog from, please e-mail me at jane[at]janeflanagan[dot]ca for information. Thanks!
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