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I don't know what's wrong with me; I must have been hiding under a rock not to have been following Will of Bright.Bazaar for longer than I have. Of course, the second I "discovered" Will, he seemed to be everywhere - mentioned in innumerable blogs and with a column in Rue magazine. It's safe then to assume you already are familiar with Will's amazing blog. So, without any more nattering from me, this is where Will blogs from and what he has to say about it...

I've long been a fan of Jane's blog and given I discovered her blog through this very series it is a delight to now be a part of it, sharing my own blogging space. I write daily over at Bright.Bazaar about all things colourful in the whelm of interiors, please do pop by and say hello if you feel like a little colour hit!

This is the view from where I sit as I put together the layouts for my posts, and when I write them. When we moved into the new apartment I knew I would like blogging in this spot because it looked out over the park. I bought the desk from IKEA for it's simplicity; this was key to the purchase as behind the desk area is the living room - an array of colourful stripes and brights. (You can see more of my living room space, here.) As such, I felt this area needed to be calmer space; using a palette of black, grey and white served to zone the work area as a separate space to the rest of the open plan living room.

You didn't think I'd wouldn't have any colour though, did you? Of course not! I added in yellow accents to give a subtle synergy with the main living room scheme, but kept them to a minimum to ensure that the desk area maintained its identity as the workspace. I like how the flap clock and the silhouetted grandfather clock work in unison with one another, especially on a Sunday when the red colour of the 'day' flap matches the swinging pendulum.

On the desk itself I've kept things simple: I have a pile of books for inspiration, whilst a framed photograph by Barbara Chandler and Oliver the owl soften the gap between the desk and the windowsill. Finally, I bought new hardware for the drawer pull and used some leftover fabric to line the inside of the drawer.

Thanks for having me, Jane!

Thanks Will!
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