Sunday best: Reading Flannery

I went to the bookstore after work on Friday and had already changed my mind about the whole George Eliot endeavour. Instead, I had my sights set on some Flann O'Brien (in anticipation of what I hope will be my new favourite film). Anthony Cronin (who wrote a pretty good Beckett bio) also wrote a Flann O'Brien bio and I thought I had it all perfectly lined up.

But there was a dearth of Flann at the bookshop and instead I wandered aimlessly around until I stumbled on this Flannery O'Connor bio, which I had read praise for on the London Review of Books. I always used to confuse Flannery O'Connor and Flann O'Brien and when I first heard her name, I assumed she was an Irish man, so switching my focus from one to the other somehow made sense.

Yesterday, I started reading the bio and simultaneously I'm reading Flannery's short stories and novels. Some of this is rereading, but some is gap-filling; a good balance of remembering and discovering. And so, today's Sunday best is a wee nod to Flannery, her peacocks and her work. And, of course, it's something I'd actually like to wear too...

Products: Lowe Glasses from Claire Goldsmith / Fall Sonya Dress from Steven Alan / Eleanor feather fascinator from Pegasus Maiden / Flannery by Brad Gooch / Complete Stories by Flannery O'Connor / Double Buckle Belt from Toast / Ring from Satomi Kawakita / Green Satchel from Cambridge Satchel / F Troupe Star Brogue Shoe from La Garconne
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