The other autumn

While it's easy to love those densely baroque autumn treescapes, there's a bleaker side to Fall too. When the sky is only shades of grey, thick with rain and the damp light renders everything flat and still. It's more difficult to make beautiful photographs of these days, but being in them is just as nice to me.

There's a softness to the air. And while you feel those golden autumn days on your eyelids, you feel those damp, grey days on your cheeks, softly flushed. Those kinds of days are common to autumn in Ireland, especially on the west coast where fog is prone to creep up and hasten your step.

When I saw this home on Hus & Hem I thought it would be a perfect retreat on those kinds of autumn days. The waxy yellow light in the windows sings promises of hot chocolate and socked feet. And there's an eerie beauty in the bleakness of the view. You can see the inside of the house here.
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