A long week. The weather has been tempestuous, high winds and racing clouds and temperatures that can't be guessed at. But I don't mind all that. Inclement weather, I can get behind.

What I can't get behind is this: How many of my friends are struggling. With debt from university, trying to earn money from skills that should be valued and aren't, to be noticed above the grandstanders and fakers they work with. I'm feeling sad for us all and could do with hearing some good news. Somebody getting a start who doesn't have a trust fund or rich husband or who doesn't have epic connections to press upon.

I'm pretty beat from feeling this way. And some of these more personal posts take a lot out of me. Not the writing so much, but the angst. The terror reading every comment and the feeling of rejection when there are no new ones. And sometimes I hear Mum's voice ringing in my head saying, don't give everything away, people never value what they get for free. And in those moments, I feel like I do too much here for nothing.

Still, I'm happy for weekends and for pumpkins to be carved. And I'm reveling in some of what I've seen this week - the first photo in this post from Jordan - gorgeous! And rosemary and thyme candied pecans sound like a thing of perfection. I love this holiday stamp for festive cards and I think a glitterball on my windowsill might be all I really need right now. I also updated my Tumblr with some recent inspiration

Have a good weekend!

Image credits: 1. Kirk Albert Vintage Furnishings, 2. Untitled, 3. Reader, I married him., 4. Untitled
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