Last weekend, I started painting my bedroom. I got the ceiling and the trim done and then I could feel myself getting sloppy, so I stopped and left the walls for this weekend. It has meant my apartment has not felt a mess this week, so I'm looking forward to being done and getting everything back just so (yes, I'm slightly obsessive about neatness).

As I type this though, I'm feeling pretty giddy. I've been sitting on a project (nay, a daydream) for a long time and I finally started to firm up some ideas this evening. You know that initial fizzle that accompanies a new project? Boy, that's the best feeling. It's really nothing too dramatic and I'm a long way off having anything to share (if indeed I ever get there) but right now it all feels pretty possible.

So much loveliness around the blog world: Chelsea inspired me to nab a couple of these calendars. And check out this daybed she blogged too. Also, it's breaking my heart that I won't be at Little Winter; Chelsea and Abby and Anabela and Nikole and Shanna - it doesn't get much better than that!

Speaking of Anabela - did you see the 1010 project? Yowza that girl can point a camera. And I neglected to mention Jen's amazing Sneak Peek in Design*Sponge in my last round up. I really want to break into her house and steal things. Wow... Just step back and look at these talented ladies that I've got to know through blogging. It's hard not to gush once in awhile. Also, this post moved me and this story tickled me the way fables do.

So, a weekend of painting for Janey... What are you up to? Have a good one!

Image credits: 1. Untitled, 2. Untitled, 3. I believe in too much. (Day 266), 4. Warm Greeting
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