A day off! I'm so relieved to be away from the office for a day. I hope to get some serious writing and thinking done today, but also to enjoy this Fall weather, since it's so fleeting and perfect.

I feel like I'm mid-thought as I write this; thinking half-baked thoughts about things I'm not yet ready or able to share. But it was a good week in that I exercised a lot, cooked good food, am reading good books and getting good sleep. Simple, but at times elusive, pleasures...

Still, a deeper craving for change is starting to surface and I'm vacillating between two paths: One ambitious and driven and the other more subtle and staid. I guess I'm always feeling the push-pull of those two things. Stephanie linked to this piece from her Tumblr and it resonates with me. Though it's never just that simple is it? (Not for those of us without a trust fund, anyway...)

Also, my friend started a Tumblr for his beautiful short, short stories (The Madness of Angela Grey is my favourite, so far). And I've been thinking about drifting and roaming all week, so also I loved these little drifters.  Finally, let me just say, Eilis Boyle's new collection is magnificent. I teared up when I saw it this week... she astounds me.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!

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