My work-week just dragged. I think there's a direct correlation for me between not having a book and time dragging. So, my mission this week is to get something new to read. I've been holding off because I want to come up with a more structured approach (inspired by this approach to Ulysses)... going back and reading some classics, but reading a biography and/or text book along with them. Specifically, I've been thinking of hitting up a George Eliot bio in tandem with a rereading of Middlemarch (oh, and I'll watch Rufus Sewell in the name of scholarship too). I just have to do some research to make sure I hit up the right texts, hence the stall.

But! Major achievement for me: After a little breakthrough, I managed to exercise every day this week. I'm hoping it's not one of those intense but short-lived bursts of energy and that it sticks. All this time I've been self-flagellating because I'm too shy and awkward to join and gym or running group. The truth is, I can't think of anything less fun (for me) than a gym or running group. Plus I don't really want to spend the money. While these are two legitimate reasons why I should not push myself into either option, I still did not let myself off the hook. I kept shoulda-ing myself and that made me feel shitty and all the while I was doing nothing. So, this week I just accepted my reasons and moved on to find something that would satisfy me. Success!

And another small personal victory: I finally feel ready to cut my therapy sessions back to fortnightly from weekly. I feel like I'm over the hump of whatever I went through last year. Therapy has been such an interesting exercise. No matter how much reflecting you do on your life, it's always casts different light to have input form another. It's a bit like the difference between being self-taught and having a mentor. Self-taught people can wind up being crazy eccentrics building time machines in their garden shed. When you have a mentor, they bring structure and context and discipline to the process. Not that everybody needs a mentor all the time. But, for this, I did.

This weekend, I want to cook up some new recipes... Did somebody say s'more cakelette? Or apple, gruyere and sage muffins? I'm going to find those new books, get some film developed and watch Bored to Death because it's a half hour of televised bliss. Finding The Bed has lit a fire under me to paint my bedroom and get it ready for said bed; maybe I'll prep myself for doing that Thanksgiving weekend. And I'd like to buy a few more plants to help get the place through winter. Green, growing things are a tonic for the eyes! Speaking of green, Ireland finally has streetview, so I'll likely while away an inordinate amount of time looking up favourite haunts and forgotten homes.

One last thing: I usually keep a church / state separation between my freelance work and blogging, but this piece in the current issue of ReadyMade deserves a special mention because I collaborated with Karyn of Make Something on it. Thanks Karyn for sharing this project with me! It was so fun to meet and work with you on this!

What are you up to? Have a smashing weekend! And happy October!

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