Current wants

I never thought I could be so disciplined with money as I am right now. But that's not to say I'm not making mental notes of things I might buy at some future date and time, yet to be determined. Chelsea blogged this sweater from Cardigan and I'm seriously looking at it daily. And e-mails from Upla (I should really unsubscribe from them altogether) always remind me I want one of their bags.

I still (still!) want a Pyrrha J necklace (seriously, what does it take to get some secret admirers around here?). And, since my enjoyment of winter goes up in proportion with my ability to stay upright on ice, I think I'll buy some new boots (possibly Blundstones to be alternated with my old faithful Bean boots).

But that's it - remarkably subdued considering I should be feeling seriously deprived of shopping treats. There's nothing too dramatic, certainly nothing glamorous, on this list. Yet I would love every one of these things and wear them to death. What unglamorous things are you wishing for?
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