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I'm not the most gregarious of tweeters; I quickly become overwhelmed if I follow too many people. That said, Twitter is a whole new way of discovering blogs; driven more by getting to know the blogger than the blog. Of course, blog content matters, but ultimately I have to like the blogger to follow the blog (is that the same for everyone?). Megan of Pink O'Clock is no challenge on either score. She has amazing style and her blog is beautiful. But she's also a lovely person who cares deeply about her words. This is where Megan blogs from and what she has to say about it...

i'm so, so flattered to be participating in jane's beautiful "where we blog from" series. ill seen, ill said is one of my daily must-reads, and every day i look forward to jane's beautiful, thoughtful, inspirational posts. as silly as this may sound, i've always dreamed of being a part of it, and am thrilled to be sharing these little bits of my very humble abode with you, especially in the company of so many of my other favorite bloggers.

i blog most often from my living room, which is admittedly a work in progress. until very recently, i was never invested in the space i was sitting in every day -- sure, i like pretty trinkets and i love poring over interior design magazines and design blogs, but i never felt the urge to
really apply what i was reading to my own life. now i'm making a much more concerted effort to make sure that i blog about items that would -- and sometimes eventually do -- fit perfectly into my home. (next item clearly should be a rug!)


i love having bright items around me when i'm blogging. my bedroom is a very cool, gray space, but i try to keep my kitchen and living room as bright as possible. i especially love looking at the yellow made by girl poster as i type. (on a side note, the stack of books and magazines in this photograph contains a "literary journal" of mine from second grade -- a proto-blog, perhaps?)

the typewriter that sits on my desk was my grandfather's, and there are many days when i wish i could use it to blog instead of my laptop. the well-loved keys provide much inspiration, and the paper that's currently in it has been there since it came home with me almost two years ago. i'm not sure how long it was in there prior to that trip, but i like to pretend that my grandfather spooled it up in preparation to write a letter.

last year, i took up running, and while i would hardly call myself a runner yet, there's not much i like more than a beautiful sunset jog, or even a walk. i often go on a route that takes me over a bridge, and i do some of my best thinking as i wind along the bayfront -- so i think it's appropriate that i include it as somewhere i blog from. the view is static and yet always changing, and i love that.

this is my blogging buddy, oscar. i couldn't help but share a photo of him, too.

thank you so much, jane, for having me! xoxo

Thanks Megan!
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