Where we blog from: Little Glowing Lights

Little Glowing Lights is a new blog discovery of mine. I love how my blog-following has evolved since I started out and think I've really found "my people" in bloggers like Catherine. Her blog portrays her lovely life in Hobart, Tasmania and her beautiful photographs paint a beautiful picture of her everyday world. Catherine's aesthetic epitomizes everything I adore, all so grounded and beautifully real. This is where Catherine blogs from and what she has to say about it...

Once again thank you so much for asking me to take part in where we blog from! It's a lovely opportunity. I blog from the big bay window in my little flat, it's in my bedroom, and I love the light and sunshine that comes in the afternoons. (I found that also made it quite difficult to photograph!)

My desk is one of the very few pieces of furniture I've bought new and it's the perfect fit for the space. Sometimes it gets quite messy with piles of paper, but lately I have been quite good at staying organised. I have a little collection of japanese masking tape piling up which I use all the time, my old wire basket with papers was a 20c find from the recycle shop, and the pretty crocheted garland is from dotty angel. I love the lamp, but unfortunately in such an old house I'm limited for power points so for most of the time it sits there looking pretty.

I love that I can sit at my computer and watch people in the neighbourhood walk by to the cafe at the end of the street, it's kinda nice really, and makes up for the fact that there isn't room to put any pictures up to look at. Recently the builder came and unstuck the windows so for the first time since I've lived here I'm going to be able to have the window open this summer, something I'm really looking forward to.

Thanks Catherine!
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