Where we blog from: Clock & Bell

Toronto-based Samantha is the talent behind the blog Clock & Bell. A writer and editor, Samantha also makes incredible photographs. She shares those photographs, as well as some choice words on her blog. This is where Samantha blogs from and what she has to say about it...

My husband and I moved into this apartment in May and, for the first time, we have enough space to both have separate work areas. I write on a humble Ikea Leksvik desk, but I love it. It's quietly modern while a bit old-fashioned - something I'm always drawn to in furniture, books, clothing, even people. Especially people.

To me, blogging is as much a creative process as my fiction writing, so I try to fill my workspace with a few things that inspire me for both activities: past projects, gifts from friends, old photos to help get my brain wandering.

I type much faster than I write, but I'm trying to not lose the connection to writing by hand. I have a couple of notebooks for working out story ideas or characterization. Sometimes it's so much more immediately rewarding to work on paper, creating big sweeping diagrams or scribbling out questions.

My favourite part of my blogging space is the view. We live high up in the building and all around us are great old trees. In the distance, the Toronto skyline and Lake Ontario. I'm so lucky to live in a place like this - there's always something new to see and I can't wait to watch the seasons change from way up here.

Thank you for having me on your lovely blog - it's an honour!

Thanks Samantha!
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