Sunday best: Rain and newspapers

It's been a windy, tempestuous weekend in Toronto. I love it. The sky has been moving so fast. One minute dark skies and a deluge, the next cirrus with blue breaks. It reminds me of home, where the sky always seems to move fast. And the temperature is perfect for windswept wandering.

I'm feeling pretty lost in Toronto these days and work, which usually gives me some sense of direction, is just filling me with uncertainty. I may like a tempestuous sky, but I like to be sure about people and places; I need to be able to trust those things or my compass starts spinning. So, this weekend I've been dressing for the vagaries of the weather and weathering the vagaries of my life.

Products: Merino Roll Sleeve Pullover from Toast / Striped top from Saint James / Sterling Shield Hook Earring from Linda Penwarden / Diamond Seed Band from Anne Sportun / Chantebelle boots from Aigle / Umbrella from Liberty of London / Ankle stretch toothpick jean in twilight wash from J.Crew / London Review of Books / Soft-T cinnamon from Beth Springer
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