Sunday best: Autumn leaves & apples

The leaves have started to turn in the old cemetery by my apartment. I usually take photos of them a few times during Fall and just like being out with my camera and strolling down. I've been thinking a lot about change lately (I know I've been mentioning it a lot here). About how we desire it, yet resist it. How we project befores and after on our lives, waiting to manifest the catalyst that will help us arrive at the "after" as if there will be some kind of magical paradigm shift. Of course, there isn't.

My undergrad prof sent me a link to this Gestalt paper and I found some of the ideas about change interesting. That veil of befores & afters has suddenly been lifted from me. I always feared that without those great expectations for myself, those ideas of self to work towards and self flagellate over, I'd just be plain old Jane. Instead, I've found myself much more in the world without them and much more likely to embody reasonable change and make better decisions...

I've always loved kicking autumn leaves. If they're piled up in a drift, I'll go out of my way to shuffle through them. The sound and sensation of it makes me feel buoyant and childlike. This outfit makes me think of kicking leaves and ruddy cheeks, pink lady apples and golden Fall light. It all conjures a perfect kind of Sunday, doesn't it?

Products: Winter migration scarf from Madewell / Narrow sleeve boxy tee from James Perse / Leaves via / Hermes M7 edition from Leica / Forest floor earrings from Janice Ho / Cashmere Ribbed Shawl Bolero from Brora / Ines skirt from Toast / Front zip bag from M0851 / Pink Lady Apple via / Britten tall flat boots from J.Crew
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