Sunday best: At the galleries

I don't remember a whole lot about my very first visit to Toronto. But I do remember making a pilgrimage to Yorkville, map in hand, to visit the Mira Godard Gallery. The object of my journey was an Alex Colville painting. Just to see, not to buy. And I saw it and loved it. But I walked out even more in love with a painting by Christopher Pratt.

Although I've never been able to disassemble and piece back together all the other things I saw and did on that first trip, I still remember that painting. A couple of days ago Mira Godard passed away. And although she's not a universally loved figure on the art scene (but what woman in her position is without her detractors?) and although I've never even met her, I have warm feelings for her. Her gallery is special to me and her artists too.

So, today's Sunday best is for a day of gallery-hopping, of elated aesthetic experience, of hushed rooms filled with bright, moist eyes, moved by beauty and dreaming of monster talent and lives steeped in creativity. For me, it's a day spent alone, without interruptions or conversations. Just looking and feeling in silence.

Products & art: Evie Tote from Augustina / "Spillway at Red Indian Lake Dam" by Christopher Pratt, 2010 - mixed media on paper from Mira Godard Gallery / Lowe glasses from Claire Goldsmith / Canadian Art magazine / Modern Rock Brilliant Studs from Metalicious / Klee Floral Ruffle Dress from Built by Wendy / Tights from Anthropologie / “Galaxy" by Colin Fraser, 2010 - egg tempera on board from Mira Godard Gallery / Flats by Bloch
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