Inspiring women: Anne Madden

Anne Madden is one of Ireland's most celebrated abstract expressionists. Women married to artists whose stars shine bright, are often too easily eclipsed, pigeon-holed as hobbyists or mere muses. Madden has always struck a beautiful balance; the staunchest supporter of husband Louis le Brocquy's work, but with her own voice ringing out just as true too.

Of course, I adore a woman with a scrappy streak when standing up for herself. But, in particular, I'm always struck by Madden's groundedness both in her art and when she speaks about her art and life. She approaches the most abstruse topics with a matter-of-fact tone that downplays her ferocious intelligence:

I am here before you, a visual artist, a painter with my necessarily-subjective viewpoint looking out from the landscape of my life. And this necessarily-subjective viewpoint is all that I can bring to you, born as it is of my experience of being a painter, of seeing my way and trying to make sense of being-in-the-world, with the constant self-questioning that accompanies this.
I will give you some reflections on this experience.
I imagine that most artists, whatever their medium, are trying to uncover or discover a reality beyond actuality, trying to make visible invisible aspects of the world, however they conceive or perceive them to be. (via)

See Anne Madden's work here

Image, taken on the Burren, by Jeremy Madden Simpson.
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