Not a very eventful week, but it was just fine, pretty good in fact, though nothing startling happened to justify that good feeling. Sometimes, I'm just in a better mood, suddenly more optimistic, I like the weather and the bad stuff doesn't stick, you know?

I too easily forget that I have moments like this; where I feel happy even though I haven't magically transformed my life in some big sha-sha! way. It's worth pausing and taking note of it, if only to build faith that it can sometimes feel like this, that everything doesn't have to radically change before life is good.

There was some happy stuff blog-side too: Nikole has been working away on this amazing collaboration, such a beautiful and perfect expansion of her store. And Lisa revealed her newly launched website, full of beautiful photographic stories, told with amazing colour and light (Chelsea had a hand in the styling of some of these shoots too!)

I've been laughing about this every time I see a pumpkin/gourd arrangement at a grocery store or deli all week. But, truth is, I'm likely to pick myself up some mutant gourds this weekend. Other than that... just steady, as she goes. What about you? Any plans?

Image credits: 1. looking out, 2. luci everett, 3. Untitled, 4. Untitled
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