Friday, Friday, Friday! Did I tell you I finally managed to switch my hours from night owl to early bird? It's so hard for me to get to bed before 3am, but I've managed for the last 2 weeks and am able to get up earlier and it changes the entire dynamic of my day for the better. Night-owling always makes me feel like I'm skulking around the edges of civilization, but early-birding makes me feel part of the world. It's nice. I hope I can maintain it and resist those damn all-nighters.

And I'm such a bookworm right now. Even though I've had a bad to mediocre run of books since Mitchell, I'm just gobbling up the written word. It's such a stress reliever too. I get on the subway and put my head down and the ride flies by. Such small things can colour days and weeks for me, but for some reason I too-easily let them slip in times of real stress, just letting myself collapse into late nights and bleary-eyed days.

And I've even been sticking to my budget and financial goals. So, I'm feeling pretty positive about my progress. The only thing that hasn't come together is exercise. Part of me thinks it's the simplest thing and I just need to do it. But I know that it's really a complex thing and has more to do with self-confidence than the simple math of input and output.

There's a whole lot of insecurity wrapped up in that little corner of my life... I feel like it's my Dorian Gray portrait; the place where this pretty picture falls asunder and the ugly reality lays manifest. And it ruins so much for me; I don't want to see people, be seen, meet new people, be out in the world. I'm working on it, but it's not easy for me to even talk about... But, depressing as that is, I'm feeling so good about everything else, I think it's a matter of time before I can deal with this too.

Okay, enough about me... Bloggy stuff: I subscribed to Anthology magazine (via Design*Sponge) this week. I'm very excited about it! And, thanks to Emma, it turns out I want a ficus lyrata. Maybe I'll track one down in the Summerhill Garden Centre this weekend and some nice boy will carry it up the blasted hill for me?! On Greige was one of the most stunning interiors I've seen in a long time; equal parts opulent and distressed, ornate and clean. I love it.

Thank you for all your lovely comments about my short stories last week. They're very much works in progress and I find it easier to keep writing new material than go back and assess what's been written. That's partly a time thing. I feel like I need a sabbatical to pull it all together, but that's plain daydreaming on my part! Still, your support and enthusiasm means a lot to me.

Have you anything planned for the weekend? I hope it's a lovely one!

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