Joy for four-day weeks! I think I figured some stuff out this week. Little breakthroughs, a-ha moments. It's all very midstream right now. But I guess I'm figuring out how to better exist in the midstream. And I'm figuring out what I need to make it better, because the reality is that most of life is lived midstream, at least the good days.

I'm working on some short stories right now. The words make me happy. Finding a rhythm in them, letting them guide me and having voices manifest full of surprises and poignant moments. I don't know that they're for reading. That's the hard part, so I try not to think about it. Regardless, I can't help but fill pages...

But I've been a little dialed out of the blog world this week. Maybe it was just quiet, people still adjusting to the new season, clinging to the last vestiges of their summer. Still I have some good stuff: Jen blogged the amazing collection from Colenimo.  A music recommendation from brilliant Chelsea is always worth checking out. And Nikole has a new cookie recipe (and cookie cutter on its way!)

I hate to sound all portentous, but I'm feeling like there's good change in the air. Maybe it's Fall. This season makes me happy and I like seeing change unfurl in my environment. It all feels less stagnant than the stolid seasons of summer and winter. Getting up in the mornings is easier right now. And I seem more settled in myself and more comfortable in the world. This weekend, I'm just going to go with that flow.

Hope you have a great, great weekend!

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