I have today off to make a four-day weekend. I need it. I've been stressed all week and I'm afraid the angst is back with a vengeance. The week did have its highlights too: I was so chuffed with the N.E.E.T. feature that I nearly did not recognize my own place in it.

And, as well as Monday's Where we blog from,  I'm enjoying the new series I've recently started here: Making groupings for Three of a kind is really rather addictive. On Sundays, I blog a Sunday best outfit and on Wednesdays there's Inspiring women!

Ladies in my more immediate vicintity have been up to inspiring things too: Carly Waito has a new show coming up and it will take some restraint not to splurge on one of her beautiful paintings. Stephanie, Amy and Kate are part of the newest Bakers Dozen and, of course, their pieces are divine. And, after much egging on, my very good friend, blog sponsor and fine jeweler, Linda Penwarden just launched a wonderful e-Commerce website!

Martha and I were both thinking about Land Girls the same day (synchronisity!) And thanks to Meghan I know what boots I must have for Fall. One of my favourite things to photograph is flowers against a dark background, so this post from Elizabeth was right up my alley too,

So, a four day weekend. I have vague thoughts of bedroom painting, but only if it cools down. And a haircut and some reading and writing. I'm going to try to settle down my angst. I can feel it in my throat as I type. Four days away from the cubicle should make that a possibility!

What are you up to? Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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