Where we blog from: Saídos da Concha

Constança Cabral of Saídos da Concha hails from Portugal and recently relocated to rural Staffordshire, England. Her blog is a record of her new life in England and her love of nature, casual flower arrangements and home cooking, all beautifully photographed and expressed. Constança also sends handsewn accessories through her Etsy store. This is where Constança blogs from and what she has to say about it...

I was very excited when Jane invited me to be part of this great series. We moved from Portugal to the UK just six months ago and I'm so lucky to have a dedicated room to sew and blog - I share this study with my husband Tiago but he only has a desk in a corner...

We bought four simple, white tables from Ikea: one is my cutting table and the other three are used as desks. The room has a large window facing the garden and that's exactly where we've placed them - sometimes I lift my eyes from the computer and see a pheasant wandering amongst the trees! The chairs are a hand-me-downs from Tiago's parents and although they look very nice, they're not suitable for working. I must save up so I can buy at least one proper office chair!

The lamps are also from Ikea and I'd love to spray paint them white some day. I've deliberately chosen only white items for the study because I'm surrounded by colourful fabrics all day long and I need a plain background to be able to concentrate. I'd also love to paint the walls white, as well as those cute scalloped shelves where I store my jars of buttons.

As the room is square I was able to place some freestanding furniture right in the middle of it - that means I can access the ironing board and the cutting table from all angles.

I'm a very untidy person and I tend to pile up fabrics, magazines and papers on every available surface... sometimes I get overwhelmed by it all and spend some hours cleaning up the study. It's amazing how much more productive I get after one of those tidying up sessions! So there you have it: this is where I spend my days.

Thanks Constança!
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