Where we blog from: Alice Olive

What can I tell you about Alice Olive? She's an ace photographer whose work hangs in my own apartment. She's an Australian living in New York, who has also lived in Chicago. She has a cat called Brontë and the most fantastic sense of style - so emphatic that I walk into stores and pick things out for her more easily than for myself. And, to boot, she was one of the first "stranger" commenters on my blog and is still around, which I'm pretty sure makes her my longest-running reader! Can you tell I love this lady? This is where Alice blogs from and what she has to say about it...

I don't consider myself a blogger. Four years ago, I started commenting on other blogs (like the lovely Jane's!) and noticed my profile had been viewed a few times so I figured I'd post a few snapshots so "Alice Olive" wasn't a blank page. I only post one photograph a week.

Photography is something I love. Since starting the blogging, I've noticed there's a theme to what I shoot. Architecture and nature - often combining the two. I take a camera with me everywhere, even to work. I never know when I'll see something I want to photograph. Sometimes I see a building or a 'location' that looks good and I'll Blackberry it to myself so I can go back on a weekend or at dusk to get the right light.

This is my corner of the world where I blog from. Lots of natural light. I really like having all those images on the boards on each side of my computer. Pages ripped out of fashion magazines, editorial shots and advertising campaigns, shoes, hair cuts I like (always short), favourite photographers and buildings as well as my family in Sydney, Australia. (I have a blank board next to my computer waiting to be filled!) I change the images every few months or so, seasonally, just like the runways.... Then there's my view, which provides spectacular sunsets.

Oh, and yes, I'm neat. I didn't style this composite, my desk really is spare.

Thanks for asking me to contribute, Jane! 

Thanks Alice!
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