Inspiring women: Lee Miller

Lee Miller's story is probably known to most of you. I'm always swept away by all she did, how she almost ruthlessly moved from one phase to the next, never resting on her laurels for too long.

In 1929, already a legendary fashion model, she left the US to study photography. As she told it, she marched into the studio of Man Ray, who did not take apprentices and announced, “I’m your new student.” Together they developed solarization and Miller became a witty surrealist photographer. But, not one content to play muse to Man Ray or Picasso or Cocteau, Miller left Paris and moved to Cairo.

But it was World War II that truly exposed Miller's talent. Through Conde Nast, she obtained a press pass to cover the Allied liberation of France; then she hitched a ride to witness the fall of Nazi Germany and continued east to Hungary and Romania. She photographed the victims and survivors of Buchenwald and Dachau. Readers of Vogue saw these pictures in the June 1945 issue of their fashion magazine.

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