I slept the whole night through every night this week. I really want to get myself on an earlier to bed-earlier to rise sleeping pattern, but it's so hard! My evening self does not listen to the wisdom of my morning self. So, I'm going to try not to sleep in this weekend, but I'm a devil for those late-nighters.

I had lovely conversations this week too. Ones that unlocked a side of me I don't feel I get to give utterance too very often. Being able to just riff with somebody, in a completely unfettered way, with nothing but kindness on both sides makes for magical conversation. I can't tell you what it does to my mood. It doesn't happen very often and I often feel more misunderstood than anything. I guess that's partly why I have a blog.

And on blogs... Stunning photography and more stunning photography. Finding a favourite neighbourhood is a special feeling. And investing in a gorgeous coat is a special feeling too. Huge congrats to Margot on her new cottage. And thank you Jena for this amazingly flattering mention

My weekend plans are blissfully unstructured. I've been missing my camera lately so may shoot some pictures and with the temperature now Jane-perfect, I'm hoping to spend a lot more time out gallivanting. There might be some Fall window-shopping too. And, though I've been very disciplined of late, a new season really does call for new shoes, doesn't it?

What are you up to? Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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