A couple of times this week, I caught a faint whiff of Fall in the air: That barely perceptible shift in the angle of the sun. A faint glimmer of gold in the light. I turned off my air conditioner and slept deep sleeps.

I've been happy this week about other small things that seem too trivial to relay; good phonecalls and happy dinners and little spurts of energy to start little projects, as well as some bigger ones.

I've mentioned a gazillion times how much I love this home. This is the same couple's city home and I love it just as much. I also adore this album art. And here's another clothes label for kids I would happily have remade in Jane-size to wear. I found this travel series charming and funny. And summer may be nearly over, but there's still time to squeeze a few of these in.

Any plans for the weekend? I hope it's a lovely one!

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