This week, I read this article and a lot of it resonated with me, but also pricked at my conscience. I wondered to what extent my blog also merchandises happiness and wellness. I never mean my blog to communicate "buy this, buy this, buy this"; I always admire design in a more abstract sense. But, what I mean and say and how that is heard is sometimes alarmingly disparate, as I saw this week.

I'm certainty not advocating guilt over purchases or individual choices. But, I do think this good life we paint on our blogs (even the most humble version of it) is less accessible, less affordable than we tend to portray. And let's be honest here, who of us hasn't spent more than we could afford on some Etsy purchase or farmer's market outing but put it in a weird okay category because it seemed 'good'?

Even DIY projects often omit how expensive things are to make, to cook or to bake.  I think we sometimes too happily gloss over that and create beautiful content and images. But that content and those image carries inherent pressure. And much of what it conveys is financially unattainable for many, even sometimes for the person blogging it. I want to stay aware of these issues as I blog. I want to understand the role I play here and how what I write might make people feel. Even how it makes me think about my real life versus my blog life.

I don't ever want to paint a picture that anybody must buy this or that to be happy, no matter how ethically or beautifully made it is, or how lovely its story. I'm trying to be a more reflective blogger. Editorial integrity is important to me as a journalist, but it's even more important to me here, where things should be more real, more personal, completely and totally honest.


This week, I made some pretty big decisions. I'm moving away from some things - things that at another time in my life represented everything I dreamed of. In many ways, it's hard for me to accept that they're no longer things I want, that they're not making me happy. So, I'm going to spend the weekend processing these changes and thinking about what's next. I have ideas and I have hopes.

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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