Thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes! I'm always a big baby about my birthday and when people invariably forget it, my feelings are bruised easily. But all your lovely comments and tweets and e-mails made me feel special!

It was a low key day. I went for coffee and bought this long awaited book and new bathroom accessories. I painted and painted and painted until I ached. I'm in love with Benjamin Moore Natura - no VOCs, no smell, perfect coverage and flow. As I type, I'm taking a break from putting everything back together, vacuuming and polishing. I still have to paint my bathroom, but that's going to go super fast as it's a tiny space.

And tomorrow, I hope to slow down a lot, get some writing done and maybe take some photos to show you. Toronto was a mess this weekend so I was glad to play homebody and hide from all the G20 craziness. Hoping to normalize and coast through a three-day week, to a Canada Day long weekend!

How was your weekend?

Image from Twig Hutchinson
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