A four day weekend for Janey! Can you believe it? I'm so happy that I'm not even letting the fact that it was supposed to be a two week vacation and this is my poor consolation prize get to me. Nor am I letting the fact that I'll be working on lots of freelance stuff while I'm off get to me. Four days without commuting to a suburban office equals bliss.

Instead, I'm excited to lash through painting my place and have a lovely fresh, tidy apartment. I'm looking forward to buying little finishing touches. And polishing up the glass on all my pictures before I rehang them. And buying flowers and arranging them and standing back and thinking, that's pretty. And that feeling of going out and then coming back and seeing the place and noticing everything anew and liking it.

It's also my 34th birthday on Saturday, aka Janemageddon. There's a full moon and lunar eclipse on the very day, which will mean high jinx of some sort for me. It's already been an odd week, with me feeling strangely emotional and an earthquake shaking up our office (my first earthquake experience). So, I'm preparing for anything. And by preparing, I mean looking up cocktail recipes.

I hope your weekend is perfection. Thanks for reading my little blog. It makes me very happy to have you here.

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