Where we blog from: Head Over Heels

This week, I've been thinking a lot about colour. I'm notoriously neutral, but I've been thinking about a splash of colour inside my shoe closet or at the end of my hall (baby steps). So, this installment of "Where we blog from" is well-timed; it's definitely the brightest blogging space we've seen so far!

For those of you unfamiliar with Nelya's wonderful blog Head Over Heels, brace yourself for post after post of design inspiration. This home featured on Friday has been haunting my dreams all weekend. And here's another post that I'm seriously stuck on. This is where Nelya blogs from and what she has to say about it!

This is where I blog from. Sometimes. More often than not, I may be found typing awa
y at the kitchen counter, on the couch, or from the kitchen table, Really, from where ever I may steal away a moment, or more precisely, when my kiddos have given me a momentary reprieve. But this blue-hued space is where the computer officially resides.

The room is at the very front of our house, just off the foyer, and was once my husband's office. He moved to the basement and I stealthily moved in. The furnishings are a mishmash of new and old, traditional and modern, with a few quirky, (hello fish) well-loved items thrown into the mix.

I especially love being surrounded by my children's art, my grandmother's plants and chippy, peel-y dresser, photographs from our honeymoon so long ago, and all the many teetering stacks of books and magazines I draw so much inspiration from.

Thanks for the invitation, Jane. What a treat!

Thanks Nelya!
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