Brian Ferry

Yesterday in the mail, I got this wonderful little book called Wellfleet by Brian Ferry that I ordered from Blurb. Brian's book speaks to his love of the sea (a love that I share) and his amazing talent for film photography. To see more of Brian's work, check out his blog and Flickr. He's a monster talent!

Coveting corsages

Beautiful Rachel has expanded her Etsy store to include these lovely little corsages. I want one in every colour!

Dream office

My love of snooping into where other people work has been well established. This space strikes me as the perfect office / studio. Piles of space. Lots of great light. And even in its cluttered state, it feels uncluttered, even for a clean-freak like me. Probably because the clutter all looks lovely and inspiring, but against all the white, still undistracting. Do you thrive on clutter or need to clean before you can settle down to work? Images from Skona Hem.

Cynthia Vincent

I literally whittled down 15 images to 6 from the Cynthia Vincent collection. Usually when I blog a designer, there are about five stand-out outfits that I immediately know I'll post. So, it speaks to the loveliness of this collection that I could pull 3 times as many as normal. I may even go so far to say this is my favourite collection for Fall so far. When I wear colour I like jewel tones the best. When I wear pattern, I like plaid. And the rest (most) of the time, I like neutrals. So, all of this is very, very much up my alley.

And while I'm on Cynthia Vincent, can I just say... these boots? They will be mine. All mine. I have spoken.

Dozier Bell

It's been a long time since I experienced a really starry night out in the middle of nowhere. The most epic stars I ever witnessed were on a trip I took to Alaska more than 10 years ago. I had never seen anything like those night skies. This painting by Maine artist Dozier Bell recalls the feeling I experienced then.

Where we blog from: Under a Paper Moon

Courtney of Under a Paper Moon is girl definitely made of sugar, spice and all things nice. Her posts are always uplifting and joyful. Because I'm the jaded, crusty kind, it's important for me to have somebody like Courtney around. I can't help but see the world through her rose-tinted glasses when I visit her blog and see post after post filled with the loveliest images and sweetest sentiments.

So, without further ado, let's see where Courtney blogs from and what she has to say about it...

As people who read my blog may have gathered, my husband and I are in a bit of a drawn-out transition period; we moved from a town in central Texas to Houston this past December, and we've been living in an apartment while we wait for our house back home to sell. Most of our furniture and our "things" are still at our house, but, after living with floor cushions and cardboard boxes as our sole furniture for a short period, I gradually added some key pieces to the apartment, including a workspace for me.

As far as my workspace goes, I've always loved keeping bulletin boards covered with mementos from my life; the boards consistently include photos of my loved ones, ticket stubs, notes, fabric swatches, business cards, and images that inspire me in some way. I try to rotate out the items on the boards from time to time, but often things stay for quite a while. I also like having books that inspire me close at hand; they can be especially handy when I hit a creative block. I'm a big coffee drinker, so a coffee mug is rather a permanent fixture at my desk, and because I am a religious list-maker and am constantly jotting notes and ideas, a stash of notebooks is never far from my side. The small red moleskine gets a lot of wear as it constantly goes back and forth between my desk and bag! While this isn't my dream blogging space, it is a cheerful place for me to sit and draw inspiration every day when I work.

I'm in love with those bulletin boards!! Thanks Courtney!

Fantasy bathroom

Sunday night, I love to sit around and indulge in all those girly bathing rituals, wearing a face pack and a terrycloth robe and pretending I have my very own private spa. I always hope it will help me sleep better that night. But, no matter what I do, it's always hard for me to sleep on Sunday nights - my mind starts racing about what I have to do for the week ahead... Maybe if I had a bathroom like this, I'd sleep better? Images from Marie Claire Maison, Italy.


I hope you're having a perfect Sunday. It's grey here and so is my mood, sad after bidding adieu to my visiting friend. After all that, I would just like to lounge, all comfy cozy, wearing an outfit like these from American Vintage.


This weekend, my best friend is in town and staying with me. I'll be trying to balance all the usual weekend stuff with catching up with him and having some fun. So, it will be a busy weekend, though in a good way. I've got a bunch of work to do too, so I'm feeling the pressure this Friday, trying to lash through as many tasks as possible and set myself up for a less frazzled weekend. I would love the time to bake an apple pie too!

What have you got planned? Hopefully, it's a perfectly sunny, brisk autumn weekend for us all!

Image credits: 1. Making plans at Breakfast, 2. My pretty laundry on the clothesline, 3. sunshine on my shoulder, 4. Untitled

Book report: The Elegance of the Hedgehog

I honestly can't remember why I picked up The Elegance of the Hedgehog. I buy a lot of books, but I usually avoid translations (because they lead me to constantly wonder about what's lost, whether I'm reading the what the author intended to say, or what the translator thinks ought to be conveyed). But that's a larger discussion.

So, at the start this book was rather annoying. The two protagonists are both madly intelligent and imperious in their judgment of others. Their inner monologue reminded me of those people in my undergrad philosophy classes who would go out of their way to name-drop Foucault or Lacan.

But, at the same time, I was propelled forward by hope for the characters. I hoped they were being set up for something real to come along and debunk their little meditations and to show them that introspection only goes so far. And it does. Quite beautifully.

If you can be patient and indulgent for the first 100 pages and find something sympathetic to hold on to in these characters, you will fall in love with them by the end of the book, disarmed by their sensitivity and openness. This is a lovely tale. And a bit of a parable for people - yes, I admit, I'm one - who tend to live too much inside their own heads.

Nygards Anna

Last year, Chelsea blogged about Nygards Anna and I stashed those images into the most elephantine part of my brain. Last night, I hit their site again. Mucky wellies never looked so good.

Fondly Seen

Today, I took some time tonight to go back through my Tumblr, where I stash all those inspiring images I see during my daily blog browsing (such a lacksidasical word for such a compulsive habit!) There I found fireplaces. Lots of fireplaces, particularly marble ones. If you're on the market, my favourite (fantasy) sources for marble fireplaces are Chesneys and Jamb.

Image sources (the blogs I found the images in, click through to find the original post and original source):  1. Desire to Inspire / 2. Design is Mine / 3. Desire to Inspire / 4. Apartment Therapy / 5. The City Sage / 6. Apartment Therapy / 7. Design is Mine / 8. Apartment Therapy / 9. Habitually Chic

A poem & thoughts for Wednesday

Sometimes it feels like I'm stop-start-stop-start with many things. I'll do yoga for 5 weeks in a row and then stop cold. Then I'll self-flagellate about not doing it. I make resolutions to be constant and unwavering. I never keep those resolutions.

And I wait. Thinking that a time will come when I'll grow up and feel permanently balanced. That when that time comes, I'll have things I can confidently say I do, rather than things I once did and want to do again. But waiting for anything is such a waste of time. Truly.

So, instead, I'm trying to embrace my mutable nature. Yes, I'm a moody and inc
onsistent girl. But, I'm as much in control when I decide not to do something as when I decide to do it. So why am I fighting myself over it?

And all of this made me think of water and how I identify with it. How many faces it has. How it ebbs and flows. And then I thought about this poem by Aram Saroyan. Because even though I'm mutable, I'm moving forward. Towards my destination.

I'm the Mississipi

I'm the Mississippi. Nothing
Can stop me. Everything goes my way
Or I flow over, around, or under it,
Changing my dimensions as I go.

Trees, rocks, the animal and human kingdom
Are all passengers of my will. I treat them
As they treat me, loving the way I go on and on
Until I meet the sea. I'm the Mississippi.

Men sail me as I sail them, no better and
No Worse. I'm a river, in the end, not a destination.
Nothing comes between me and my own motion.
I embrace it, and it becomes me, the Mississippi.


Love these shots from Joie's Autumn campaign. I don't know for certain, but there's an Irishness to this landscape too... maybe my little island is getting popular again?

Home, sweet home

The new Toast video was shot in Ireland and is full of everything I miss about home (the sea, the rolling mist, the stones and crumbling Georgian architecture) not to mention divine Toast clothing! Thanks Chelsea for flagging for me! I've watched it about six times today... and am now officially homesick, but in a good way.

Melin Tregwynt

I've been lusting after a Welsh blanket (or two, or three) for a couple of seasons now and these ones my Melin Tregwynt are perfection. I like the idea lately of using them as heavy tablecloths.

Where we blog from: Camp Comfort

Roberta Jane of Camp Comfort provides some of my favourite fashion inspiration. She has a stellar eye and a special knack for assembling fantasy outfits. Looking back on her recent posts, I'm hard pressed to find anything I wouldn't wear (and I consider myself a particularly hard-to-please customer). Whether it's how to wear those Rachel Comey boots or help finding the perfect military parkas, she'll set you on the right track and find something to fit every budget.

And the best part? Roberta Jane actually helps her readers solve their fashion dilemmas. It's like having a personal shopper at your fingertips. She'll help you track down the right look and show you many different ways to wear it. So whether you need a dash of inspiration or a head-to-toe reinvention, Camp Comfort should be your first port of call. This is where Roberta Jane blogs from and what she has to say about it...

My husband and I recently moved to Portland, OR with just 2 cars full of belongings, so we needed to purchase furniture when we moved into our new apartment. The first and most important piece we bought was this massive, white work table (much bigger than it looks in this picture)! It's big enough to use for desk & project purposes, as well as being perfect for dinner parties. I love that I can keep my sewing machine set up full-time while still having enough room for both my husband and I to work at. Cleo, our IG, has even made herself a little fort under the table!

Thanks Roberta Jane!

Gnocchi alla Romana

It's the greatest injustice in the world. You'd think I'd be built for carb consumption, given my people's penchant for the spud. But it's a cruel twist of fate that carbs kill me. So, I mostly avoid them, when I'm being good that is. When I'm being bad, gnocchi is a guilty pleasure.

The recipe for Gnocchi alla Romana can be found in Vogue Entertaining and Travel Vol 34, photography by Ben Dearnley.
To offset the flour I would pair it with Aran's gluten-free dessert, which I'm completely excited to try! (And, yes, I know that's not quite how it works...)

Random want

I came across this baguette trolley over on 1st Dibs and was instantly obsessed. It would be perfect for holding rolls of paper and mailing tubes. The same dealer has many other industrial pieces, which I am prone to fall for, like this parts rack and this drafting table. But the baguette trolley is something I've never seen so it tops the list.

Glass front

I love open shelving, being able to see perfect stacks of plates and gleaming glass. But, kitchens manufacture a particularly stubborn breed of grime and unless the objects on display are in constant rotation, the display can soon become lacklustre. A glass-front display cabinet seems like the perfect solution. I adore everything about this scene, including those pendants. This image is from September's Cote Ouest (photo by Patrick Van Robaeys). See more glass front inspiration here.


You know, I'm having a difficult time with a lot of the F/W trends. Even when I don't buy into trends (which is often), I'm usually passionate about the spectator sport of it. But this 80's thing is really doing nothing for me. So, I'm digging deep this season to find designers who speak to me. Theory is always a neutral, uniformy label (Joseph too). I'll be leaning on labels like this to see me through the current season and feeling a bit like a fashion old fogey. I keep telling myself, when all else fails, buy cashmere.


It's hard to do anything but revel in this time of year. The produce is delicious. The days are crisp and sunny, the light my favourite kind - clear and cool. The fashion is warm and enveloping. I love transitional seasons the most - seeing those first leaves flutter to the ground, watching the angle of the sun shift a little every day, bringing dusk early and evenings perfect for snuggling up to.

Randomly, some old friends made contact this week and it was nice to hear people say they've been thinking about me. I think about people a lot more than I talk to them too. I reminisce about the past and hope happy things for them. And I think about the future too - the next season, Spring even, the changes I hope to make between now and then, the plans to set in motion. It's nice to reflect on the past and future while enjoying the days immediately at my fingertips. I feel balanced.

This week, I was swept away by these pretty ceramics and fell for this amazing Flickr stream and I loved the poem linked from this post. I listened to Joni and cracked the spine of a new book. And, while reading your lovely comments, I noticed a lot of new faces here and was excited to click through to profiles and discover new blogs, plus old blog friends returned. Finally, congrats to Meghan on winning the BBW pattern!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Image credits: 1. Translucence, 2. view, 3. secrets, 4. Automatism

Mushroom season

Nothing curls my toes like a medley of wild mushrooms. Lobster mushrooms are hard to find, but I tracked some down last weekend. Oyster mushrooms are my favourite, pretty and delicate. Porcini, portobello and shitake make a gorgeous chorus. And a drizzle of truffle oil on any mushroom dish will kick it over the edge.

But, always, simple is better. The wild flavours mix perfectly with bread, pasta, risotto or simply on a bed of greens. September is the best month to indulge. I'd love to go foraging for them myself, but until then, I'll happily fill my shopping basket with these woodland treasures.

This mouth-watering image is from Twelve: A Tuscan Cookbook, which features many delicious mushroom recipes.

Moritz Glik

I love these chain rings from Moritz Glik. So delicate and feminine, yet contemporary and fluid. I really want the second one!

Cozy and clean

The white room, the roughly hewn table, the swan chair, the artwork... This room is both pure and peaceful and full of cozy character and interesting pieces, with just the right amount of colour, from Skona Hem, of course...

Fleur T

Every once in a while, we all need a little something sexy and retro sexy is the best kind. Don't Fall evenings seem perfect for a little luxe lounging? From Fleur T.

See by Chloe

I adore this look from See by Chloe. In general, put a jean with rugged boots or cute sneaks and I'm smitten, but this dress is particularly lovely. I adore the dressed-down dress-up look.

A Piece Apart

I love these librarian, school-marm looks from A Piece Apart. They remind me of an upscale version of what the nuns who taught me wore (minus the habit). I have a distinct memory of a gang of us hovering outside a hairdressers one day to see Sister Annunciata get her hair done so we could see her without her habit. A few years later, the habits were completely gone. But the starched navy looks and ribbon-tie blouses were permanent. They must have imprinted themselves on my brain because I'm absolutely smitten with this neutral, uniformy collection.


I've blogged a lot about M0851, but I simply had to share this purse. It's complete perfection.

Idarica Gazzoni

I came across Idarica Gazzoni through World of Interiors and hopped over to their site to take a closer look at the phenomenal fabrics and wallpapers. But, in the end, it was these images that sucked me in. Dreamy.


I'm bowled over by these looks from Sessun.