Juliette Hogan

Whitney blogged about Juliette Hogan yesterday and one click led to another and all of a sudden I was face to face with these precious things. Thanks Whitney - by far one of my favourite recent fashion finds! I'm truly smitten.

Recordis Photography

I used to live and breathe photography, spending my weekends up to my elbows in chemicals and playing patty-fingers with boys in darkrooms. But somewhere, I lost my way (and the boys). After I moved, I missed my darkroom and couldn't find one here. And I never got the feedback from digital that I got from film.

Now, it's something I tinker with, rather really do. So, when I find a group like Recordis Photography, I'm equal parts inspired and sad, missing something I thought I once had (but maybe didn't really) and determined to carve out some time and get past tinkering and back to doing it.

Which is all my ineloquent way of explaining why I join these groups but don't contribute. And why I feel more involved in photography than I really am. And why there will always, always be rolls of film in my refrigerator.

Image from Maxim Chelak

Where we blog from: Automatism

Automatism is the blog home of Lori Langille, a hugely talented illustrator with an amazing eye for design. She picks the most soothing of spaces and images to convey her beautiful message.

I'm also excited about Lori's Benevolent Postcard Society, which kicks off tomorrow. This initiative epitomises what Lori's blog accomplishes every day: Bring a little sunshine and beauty into everyday life. This where Lori blogs from and what she has to say about it...

I've currently got an Ikea desk, which I'm not overfond of but find useful as I don't have a lot of space for vertical storage and the bulky stuff I use daily for my illustration work (scanner, printer, reference and paperwork). But I keep things I like close by, such as the Japanese tea mug for my pencils and pens, the little handmade Shaker box from my mum, and a little lidded basket for desk odds and ends. It's definitely a work area, frequently awash with reference material — but I continue to dream of someday having an almost bare desk to work on!

Thanks Lori!

Sea ranch

A sea ranch sounds like a lovely place to live. I was swept away by the three Sea Ranch homes on the portfolio of Turnbull Griffin, with their huge windows and simple, flowing floorplans. Yes, I could get used to waking up in that kind of space to those views!


It's beginning to feel like autumn and I absolutely love it. I'm planning nothing more than a restful weekend. I'll be book-shopping for something new - am working my way through the Booker longlist. Mix that in with some socializing and ever-present errands and it will all be over too soon.

This week, Rachel's new Etsy store absolutely delighted me and, naturally, I indulged. I swooned over these flower photographs from Flowerwild and drooled over Nikole's first recipe (somebody seriously needs to give this girl a book deal.) And Heather made up some new tea towels that are seriously testing my restraint.

What are you up to this weekend? Hope it's a good 'un!

Image credits: 1. Cumulus fractus, 2. Untitled, 3. {film.332}, 4. 世代的集體任務

Book report: Zeitoun

Dave Eggers is the real deal. I am in awe of both his monster talent and his inherent goodness. Zeitoun is the true story of Abdulrahman and Kathy Zeitoun and their experience of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

There were many moments when I felt truly indignant reading this book. Without using needlessly emotive language, Eggers captures so much of what is broken, but also the people who can give hope.
And, as with all of Eggers' writing, it's the vivid and humane story-telling that makes this book shine. Zeitoun is a must-read for adults that also belongs on school curricula.

3 from J.Crew

J.Crew consistently knocks it out of the park and is really the only high street store left on my shopping list. Of course, since there are no bricks and mortar stores here, I do all my shopping online. And, for the most part (especially given the quantity of J.Crew stuff I own) I've had tremendous success and the quality is good - far exceeding comparable stores. I've got my eye on these three pieces for F/W. Have you got anything picked out?


In architecture, I'm madly against over-preservation. I like buildings to show their age, to reveal layers of character, to develop patina. Sure, the buildings should be usable, but I hate when they're preserved so well, there's no sense of their time and character. It's partly why I adored this house so much.

When I see a space like the one here (from Location Works), I'm simultaneously excited and fearful. Part of me dreams about getting in there and sprucing it up. And part of me would be afraid of killing the feeling it has now. I feel that restoration is something best done slowly. Because it's probably easy to go too far. And once you've gone there, you could lose something very valuable.

Nicole Fahri

She rarely disappoints. So, even though the quality of the images on her site is shoddy, I'm still going to blog my love of Nicole Fahri's Fahri Collection. Swoon. Plus, all the models this season are sporting my soon-to-be new haircut (a couple more inches to grow!) I'm so excited!

Half moon

I love this half moon pouf from Plumo (I seem to be on a pouf thing lately). Their new collection is online and there's plenty more to lust over!

Jenna Lyons redux

If you missed Jenna Lyons' home in Domino, it's featured again in the upcoming Living Etc. A few pictures are the same angle, but it's nice to see other rooms from a completely different perspective (and reminds me how two dimensional pictures don't really capture the full effect). And it looks like she's filled out some of the rooms too. And then there's her dressing room, which is still... well, exactly what you'd expect from J.Crew's Creative Director.


Jigsaw has revealed a peek of their A/W collection and it looks so cheerful and sweet.

Michael Woolley

I love these photos by Michael Woolley. Oh, to have a horse!

Where we blog from: Katy Elliott

I discovered Katy Elliott though my all-time favourite decorating site, Remodelista. Katy is undertaking a renovation and when the Remodelista crew said they were closely following her, I started too. On her blog, Katy shares her vision for her home as well as the progress she's making. And when she hits the road, she always finds amazing things along the way.

Every week, it seems, there's a new addition to her home or milestone hit. I'm sure she feels like progress is slower than she would like, but I know that the final result will be better because of her pace. It gives Katy time to ponder every decision carefully, to make meticulous choices and to score some unbelievable finds along the way. It's so inspirational to see her vision unfold. This is where Katy blogs from and what she has to say about it...

I will be the first to admit I'm not the tidiest of people. Things kinda build up around me and eventually because of fears my cheapo ikea desk will break I clean. My office is shared with my boyfriend who works from home at least 3 days a week and our constant companion, Jack Cat. Things can get a bit tight. I have to be quiet when he's having conference calls and he's suppose to leave me alone when I'm writing blog posts. This never happens at least for me.

As soon as I start writing the cat is biting me for attention, greg wheels over to tickle me or to repeat over and over again, "oh my god katy, you have to see this," usually it's stupid and I give an eye roll. For the most part I like my office situation. We sit up high on the third floor of our house that overlooks a tree lined street. Our neighbor a retired crazy man sits outside with AM radio blaring interrupted by hellos to everyone in town. Someday the space will get renovated to become a master suite with an office. Hopefully with a big desk.

Thanks Katy!

Sue London

Since shoe shops in Toronto are such a wash, I'm thinking about buying these Sue London flats. They have a slight wedge, which should make them uber-comfy. But I'm nervous about buying a brand I haven't tried on. Anybody own a pair? Comfy? Fit true to size?


How's your weekend going? I slaved all Friday night and Saturday to finish my portfolio. It's not the complete redesign I had originally thought about undertaking and the code is really very inelegant. But, despite this I'm happy with it.

Today, after all that slog, I thought I'd find some perfect shoes. These ones still haunt me and really it's hard to find something perfect and plain. No Tory Burch logos on my watch. I only found Bloch, but they weren't in my size and so I pretty much gave up on Toronto shoe-shopping. Instead, I stocked up on all new lingerie. Plain but La Perla, which I think is worth every penny. To my credit, I resisted a pair of Chloe sunglasses that I've tried on a gazillion times.
And I moseyed around and picked up tasty treats (Portugese custard tarts mmm) and a new yoga mat thingy (it's a mat for my mat... hm). And then I walked up The Hill that separates my apartment from downtown and makes an otherwise 15 minute walk seem like a high altitude hike. Still, the lemon sorbet I'm slurping as I type is ample reward.

I'm off to yoga later and then on the edge of my couch for more True Blood (more Eric fantasy scenes please!) Enjoy your evening!


Toronto's searing humidity is supposed to ease up this weekend. I'm looking forward to it. It's been putting the city on edge. People are tired and getting crazier every day. Although it means epic thunderstorms (of which I'm deathly afraid), it's good to have know a break is coming.

I went to yoga every day this week and feel great for it, yet can't help but wonder why I always stop doing something that's so good for me. And while I've been suddenly resolute on yoga, I've been vacillating about other things: Dying to paint my apartment all the while fantasizing about moving; generally confused about long term plans.

I'm really trying to just live in the present. I don't know why, but I always feel like I have to have things planned out long before they come to fruition, which mostly means I'm left impatiently waiting for the outcome. So, I'm going to just coast along and take care of myself right now for a change.

In that vein, the weekend will bring more yoga and strolling and hopefully some work. My portfolio re-design is a thorn in my side right now. I really need help, but I stubbornly want to do it myself and feel that communicating and haggling with a designer will just be frustrating in a different way.

What are you up to this weekend? I hope it's lovely, whatever you make of it.

Image credits: 1. skeleton keys., 2. wishing for, 3. 世界是我們最後的希望, 4. “Home is an invention on which no one has yet improved.”


I love these looks from Vince. I think this is my favourite Fall inspiration so far. I could dress like this all season long!

Georgia Tapert

So many of the homes I post have difficult-to-find bones, period charm, epic windows or are set in amazing rural locations (seascapes galore!) so I thought I'd post an apartment that is all about the decorating, not about the structure. The walls, floor, ceiling and size make this apartment instantly relatable for city apartment-dwellers.

But, check out the decorating! There's a lot crammed in there (maybe more than I'd dare to) but it fills the place with the character and charm, that's not necessarily in the structure. See more pictures of Georgia Tapert's apartment, featured in the New York Social Diary here.


I adore the shirred detailing on this silk dress from Whistles.

Rachelle Kearns

It's been a while since I saw a found a painter that made me take a second, prolonged look. Rachelle Kearns' Mercyscapes Series broke that dry spell. Knowing me, you'll know immediately why I love these paintings. They remind me of nightswimming, or looking out on water on a perfectly clear day through squinted eyes. So calmly transporting.

Dream boat

I love this humongous pouf from Ochre. Dream boat indeed!

World of Interiors

They're not always the kind of rooms I want to create for myself. In fact, they're mostly not. And perhaps that is why I love World of Interiors so much. It's like looking at art. You don't necessarily need to bring it home and hang it over the mantlepiece...

It's more about standing back and admiring the exquisite composition, colour, expression. With so many blogs to inspire my decorating endeavours, it's lovely to turn to a magazine that doesn't make me envious of people and their properties; that just makes my jaw drop at the diverse beauty people can create.

Anne Willi

Anne Willi's collections are consistently simple, wearable and completely lustworthy. See past collections here. These are my favourite looks from her Fall collection.

Mulled pear salad

I bought a big stack of magazines on Friday and have been lazily flicking through them all weekend. From the latest Delicious (Australian edition, Vol 6, Issue 7) this recipe for Mulled Pear Salad with Roquefort Dressing caught my eye. Mmm.

Where we blog from: Sugar Pie Express

The longer I blog the more I stumble upon moments of synchronisity with fellow bloggers. It might be an uncanny similarity in style or a random obsession with the same author or obscure band. I'd been following New York-based blogger Michelle for a while when we realized her Mom lives just down the road from my Toronto apartment. Small world, right?!

Sugar Pie Express touches on so much that I love: Books, art, interiors, fashion... I really enjoy blogs that don't limit themselves to one particular niche and instead present an open expression of their author. It helps, of course, that our tastes converge on so many of these points! This is where Michelle blogs from and what she has to say about it...

This is it. Where I blog, my living room looks messy, but real. I sit here and browse through some of my favorite sites and catch up on all my news. I have coffee here in the morning with Conor. It is such a cozy little area, the light blazes through as we face south and the view is so New York to me.

Thanks Michelle!

By the seaside

These photographs from Cachemire et Soie feel so calm and relaxed... the perfect antidote to the stinky heat we're currently enduring in Toronto.

Gary Graham

Some beautiful Fall looks from Gary Graham. I love the folds, layers, details on these looks and I adore the red accents throughout the collection. I haven't worn red in years and suddenly it looks really good.