Happy Canada Day!

O Canada. You and I have been going through a rocky patch. I'm pretty sure it's not you. It's me. I need more space. I need more authenticity in my daily life. But, I still believe I can get that with you. And there's no other country I want to live in. Just let me out once in awhile to visit my other home. It doesn't mean I love you less and I'll always come back. Deal?

Happy 142nd birthday Canada!

Image via Heinrick05's Flickr

Paddle to the Sea

Lori posted about NFB for Canada Day. There are so many great films and documentaries to choose from and as I clicked around I came across Paddle to the Sea. I saw this many years ago with BFF and I suppose because he told me about seeing it when he was young that I feel I have much older memories of it than I really do. Very lovely. Thanks for the reminder Lori!

Rina Menardi

Divine ceramics from Rina Menardi. One thing missing from my sets of 3 favourites is my love of colourful accessories, especially ceramics and large-scale, or groupings of, artwork. That and my humungous collection of books would soon have those rooms feeling completely 'me'.


With Canada Day fast approaching, it only seems right that I highlight some Canadian talent. Izm offers a beautiful collection of contemporary hardwood furniture designed to evoke the low horizons of the Canadian prairies. I love how the bed appears to float (reminds me of this one too!)


Oh, I love these rainy summer days we've been having. I know most people complain and wish for those hot steamy days, but I'm definitely built for a milder clime. It also gives me an excuse to think about blankets in summer! I spotted these ones from Elvang at Hollace Cluny on the weekend.

And, just for Laura, here are some of their alpaca too. Her alpaca thing makes my donkey thing seem amateur.

Christopher Deane

I am head-over-heels, crazy about this dress from Christopher Deane.

3 favourite dining rooms

Another 3 favourites! This time dining rooms... I love the combination of a big rugged slab of table (Hudson Furniture or BDDW are swoonsome) combined with modern chairs (Bertoias are my dream!) with an interesting light fixture overhead. Other than that, keep it a blank canvas to create a million different moods, colour schemes and displays.

Top image from Remodelista
Middle image from Design Milk
Bottom image from Remodelista

Petite feather whimsy

My hair's growing! It was getting unruly (curls abound!) so I I had it tidied up on the weekend. I've been wearing my Vera scarves as headbands when I run around on the weekends and am dying for it go grow a little more. So, I have a new found interest in hair accessories and am completely tempted by this petite feather whimsy from Jennifer Behr.

American Beauty

I love all these looks from the latest Shopbop lookbook, American Beauty. Classic, casual and crisp; if I could dress like this every day, I'd be a happy girl!

New toy!

I recently sold some stuff on eBay and decided to use some of the proceeds to treat myself to this. I originally saw it over on Holly's blog, Haus Maus and went through the exact same seller she did, following her brilliant advice about which model to go for. I enjoyed the exact same perfect service too, with the camera arriving just 5 days later. The hardest part is going to be pacing myself so I don't blaze through all the film too quickly. It's such a fun addition to my camera collection!


It's Friday! It's also my 33rd birthday today, so I'm taking the day off. Have a lovely weekend!

Image credits: 1. monday, 2. ., 3. I'd like to know, 4. Untitled

Pauper Voile

These scarves from Pauper Voile are absolutely amazing. I came across them completely randomly, which is not my usual luck. And I clicked on the thumbnail, expecting to be disappointed with the up-close (you know it happens!) but instead my wildest scarf dreams came through. Yes, I have wild scarf dreams.

Annie Schlechter

I'm sad to say that I don't know what the story is behind this woman, this stunning Georgian townhouse or what she's creating in that magnificent studio. (It looks like something that might have appeared in World of Interiors?) But I knew the minute I saw her on Annie Schlechter's portfolio I had to post it.

Nothing lost

I re-found this last night. I remember it was in my inspiration files for a long time (likely having done the rounds of the blogosphere). But it still looks great and I love the message. I've been feeling really fragmented for some months, hungry for change, not quite ready or able to get it rolling yet. I hate being like this.

But, when I look back, times like this have always been the precursor to something new and interesting. It's easy to self-flagellate over still not being content at (nearly) 33. But, at least it's not the same thing always making me restless... I'm always learning something new and carrying it forward with me, getting closer to what I'm looking for.

By Paul Loebach


I absolutely do not need to start buying Apartamento. Even if it is sort of like The Selby in magazine format (i.e. swoon). Even in a post-Domino, post-Blueprint world.

I'm going to restrain myself from spending $27 on a magazine and fill my days with my own creative endeavors, instead of always being a spectator and consumer. Least this is what I'm told myself as I thumbed it for the third time this week at the magazine shop.


Would you judge me if I said I want the entire Golden collection in Jane size? Honestly, if I could sew, these are the patterns I would make. Either that, or I wish I were 6 again. Sigh.

Forest Avenue

Bert and Jojo Hermans, the founders of Forest Avenue, weave hazel and willow into panels for edging flower beds, raised beds, fences and fences. I've quickly incorporated these into my fantasy garden!

Paper ribbon

I have a ginormous soft spot for Lee Valley Tools. It was even a Lee Valley woodworker's wife discovered that her husband's new wood rasp would zest oranges and now those Microplanes are sold everywhere as kitchen tools. I was so excited to see they also stock this Japanese paper ribbon. A similar product was featured in March's World of Interiors.

Martin Clothes

I've blogged about Martin Clothes before and returned to their site today and saw so much that pleased my eye. And, in their sale section, I saw plenty that pleased my wallet too!

Food malaise

I'm in a food funk lately. I've been eating the same thing over and over and when I go to the grocery store I'm uninspired. I tend to go in fits and starts with cooking for one. Sometimes, it gives me complete freedom to indulge any whim. But other times all that effort just for myself seems exhausting in an already exhausting day. So I'm looking for food inspiration!

Tonight, I thumbed through my favourite cookbooks and found lots of inspiration in Cafe Paradiso Seasons. How does Pan fried mushrooms in sage and cider cream, with potato, parsnip and wild rice cake and beet relish sound? Tasty, that's how! Do you have a favourite cookbook that makes you hop-to in the kitchen?

Photography by Jorg Koster

Anne Willi

Anne Willi's S/S collection is truly lovely and wearable, perfect for summer days. The kids' collection is sweet as pie too.

3 favourite living rooms

Homes in Ireland are much smaller than Canadian homes. So, the whole idea of a house with a den, formal living room and separate media room seems strangely excessive to me. Of course, this is compounded by the fact I live alone and don't share my space. My ideal living room is a combination of all three, walls of books, chic enough for company, homey enough to just lie on the couch and nap.

Top image from Fredrik Sweger
Middle image from Marie Claire Maison
Bottom image from Apartment Therapy

The Brick

I spent a good part of this lazy Sunday reading the Summer edition of The Brick, which includes contributions from Colm Tóibín, Paul Durcan and Zadie Smith, to name but a few. I've been seriously curtailing my spending lately, but never, ever feel guilty about reading-related spending.


It's Friday already. I was off sick two days this week (just a wee cold, that felt like swine flu at the time) so the week has flown. What are your plans for the weekend? I don't really have anything planned, apart from eating as much rhubarb as humanly possible. Maybe you can share some non-rhubarb related inspiring ideas??

I had so much fun this week participating in Camp Comfort's "How I'd Wear It" series and had just as much fun seeing what fellow blog friends came up with and how everyone's personality shone (I am apparently the greediest of all, somehow finagling a new bike in there too!)

Image credits: 1. Untitled, 2. Pink Flowers, 3. Design*Sponge Recipe, 4. La La


I'm a huge fan of Skinny laMinx. I own two of her perfect tea-towels and if I were at all creative, I would reupholster amazing thrift market finds with her divine fabrics. Alack, I am not. So, I consoled myself with a this Colts Handbag. I'm so excited! And if you don't already follow it, read creator Heather Moore's blog here. She's an inspiration!

Growing walls

I looked again at the succulent wall from the Sunset house, trying to see if I could decipher how they're put together. And a couple of clicks later, I was here and then here. Flora Grubb Gardens are the genius creators of these walls and they say people have commented that they look like aerial photographs, which is so perfect, though with the added benefit of being delightfully tactile up close.

A poem for Thursday

I need to believe there is a place in the world like Bolinas. Not Bolinas the actual place, though it's probably quite lovely. Bolinas the place of Aram Saroyan's book. It has somehow come to represent my ideal town and this week I've been retreating to the place in my mind that still believes I'll find it. This sonnet is from that book.

I remember the evenings I played as a boy,
Suffused with this same disappearing sunlight,
As dinner is finished just in time to catch
A half hour or more still left to play—my friend's faces outside
Settled in their own familiarities—I said goodbye
To the family table to keep the last appointments
Of the day—just the way my daughters do
This evening, while my son remains in his high chair,
Breathing and carefully examining some french bread,
Sliced, buttered, and left behind by one of his sisters
The world is almost at a standstill—so quiet only
The spoon on the soup bowl speaks, when a horse in the distance
Neighs and neighs again—and the only thing left
Is the empty, almost different world before dark

3 favourite kitchens

Sometimes knowing exactly what you want is more frustrating than searching for it. That time falls especially when you know but can't have. When it comes to kitchens I know this frustration acutely.

My own kitchen is tiny. And not that I crave a ginormous kitchen, but space to bake a cake without descending completely into Armageddon would be nice. So, here are my 3 favourite kitchens. I fantasize about the cabinetry being Henry Built. See my 3 favourite bathrooms here and 3 favourite bedrooms here.

Top image from Mai-Linh
Middle image from Desire to Inspire
Bottom image from
Living Etc


These images from the Trosman website are so fluid and elegant. I love the colour combinations too.

Modern Cabana

On the Sunset website, I was admiring their latest demonstration house, the Modern Cottage from San Francisco’s Modern Cabana. By now, you're well familiar with my prefab house obsession (it goes like this: "I want one! I want one!") I also especially love the growing wall!

Over on the Modern Cabana website, I found more prefab temptation. Seriously, how difficult could it be to find a wee plot of land to plunk one of these babies down on? It would make me a seriously happy woman.