Man, oh man, am I ever happy it's Friday. I need a lot of gentle space this weekend and I'm going to take it. Hopefully, I'll dive into a new book, buy flowers, stroll, drink coffee, sleep.

I also need a new something to look forward to. I had so much pinned on my trip home and now I feel all empty, without even getting to experience that catharsis of it being over. And, finally and most importantly, I need some silly time.

Image credits: 1. Untitled, 2. Untitled, 3. Why always "not yet"? Do flowers in spring say "not yet"?, 4. Untitled

3.1 Philip Lim

I love him. He does it again and again. I need to go on a diet so I can look good in these fabulous creations! Aren't they utter perfection? Yes, Jane, yes they are.

Country style

A week of complex conversations and feelings and angst leaves me craving - even more than before - the simplicity of nature. These images are all from Dream Homes Country - not all the same house, but all rooms and spaces I would happily inhabit, or just visit for a wee sabbatical. Maybe the Gods are telling me it's time to change course entirely. The current course is just not cooperating with these daydreams of mine.

All images from Dream Homes Country
As credited in book: Top: Not credited; Middle: Architecture/design: Kenyon Kramer and Jean-Louis Raynaud; Bottom: Design: Charlotte Smith, feature by Sally Griffiths


These are very cute. It's not an easy season for flats this summer. Apart from the ubiquitous gladiator sandals (which I like, but I don't want more than one pair of), so I might have to shop online for some shoe shoes. I have these gladi-esque sandals from last year - I barely wore them, so they're basically brand new. Need to get a pedi this weekend so I can break them out!

Thank you!

Thank you every one of you for your lovely, supportive e-mails and comments (AND blog posts - look what Tara did for me!) I've been sleeping a lot and vacillating between feeling terribly sad (esp. looking back at all those posts where I was clearly excited) and angry. In the end, I'll be fine of course. I am a trooper in that way. Though I think there are some feelings about this whole debacle that I'll never quite shake off... But, now, let's move on...

The current New York Review of Books has a review by J.M Coetzee of Beckett's letters. It's a long, story-telling review and, though there was nothing new to me in it, I enjoyed being pulled back into Beckett's world. I know I completely over-identify with this man. But, everything I read compounds that feeling.

BFF is going to this performance of Godot tomorrow night and I'm soooo jealous!

Vintage finds on Etsy

I adore this skirt from Etsy-seller Vintage Rose Clothing. Isn't it perfect? The print reminds me a little of Jeska's gorgeous dress. I also like this blouse.

I did cave in and grab another Vera scarf from Vintage Dove. Don't you think the print is very Virginia Johnson? I love.

Bad news

I really don't want to talk about this, but since I've hyped it up so much here, I feel like I have to say something... My vacation home is cancelled. I'm really in a heap over it. Despite all the nerves, I was really looking forward to - and needed - this trip. Things might be quiet around here for the next few days... I'm down in a deep, dark hole.

Let's call the whole thing off from [Laurence]'s Flickr

Flickr fave

Abless is one of my favourite photostreams on Flickr. Anna is only 23, if you can believe it. Here are two of my favourite shots, though it's nearly impossible to choose. See more here.

Let the light in

Sabine's Prague and Geneva apartments in Unbearable Lightness both featured amazing sunrooms, perfect for a woman comfortable with life's lightness. I may not like life quite that light, but I certainly would enjoy a little sunroom off my apartment, like these, for example...

Images from The Elle Decor Home
Top photo by
Marianne Haas
Bottom photo by
Guillaume de Laubier


This weekend, everybody seemed to be sporting a cute spring look on Bloor and it rekindled my craving for a new seasonal wardrobe (though I didn't buy anything!) I really like some of the clothes by Myne, spotted over at Shopbop. Here are some looks from their Spring lookbook.


The magnolias as finally in bloom here! Yesterday, I took a stroll around Mount Pleasant Cemetery and took way too many photos of the magnolia trees and my favourite weeping willow. It was such a perfect afternoon, but the weather flipped to thunderstorms in the evening. I stayed in and Candace came over and we watched The Unbearable Lightness of Being and ate pizza. This morning I slept until a whopping 11am!


My luggage confidence was boosted by Alice's comment on this post. I figure if she can travel carry-on with a capsule wardrobe, I definitely can (I nowhere near rival her stylishness). So, today I went luggage shopping. It seems luggage stores are by definition depressing.

But then I remembered M0851 and found this. I considered something from their new Twill Collection too, but this has more capacity. It looks a bit blah in this picture, but it's lovely in person, not least because it's made of their signature buttery soft leather. And, what's more, it was customer appreciation day, so I got 20% off! And, even more it's all made in Canada!

Glengarry Glen Ross

Last night, I went to see Glengarry Glen Ross at the Young Centre. I had forgotten completely that I was going and had a million other things on my to do list (including sleep), but I'm so glad we went in the end.

My bar going in was super low. Just because I've seen the movie and once you see Al Pacino, Ed Harris, Jack Lemmon et al in these roles, your standards are ridiculously high. But the play, the acting (Ricky Roma and John Williamson especially) and the set design were phenomenal.

The run has been extended to May 16, so there's still time to see it!


I stayed up super late last night to get lots of work done and hopefully take some pressure off this weekend. I have lots of silly errands to run, luggage to find and more work to do. But, I'm hoping to relax too. The weather's supposed to be lovely and if I go into next week stressed, I'll find it hard to relax once I get away.

I've been a bit of a nutter about this whole trip home. I know it might seem weird to be afraid of going home and seeing people you're supposed to have this intimate connection with. But I'm full of butterflies. I guess it's my own fault for staying away so long. I'd probably be a better person if I wasn't such a feisty loner, but my nature was settled a long time ago.

Okay, distract me from all this navel-gazing reflection. Tell me what you're up to for the weekend and make the stories good ones!

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I hopped over to this site from Marie Claire Maison tonight and swooned a little when I saw the picture of the treehouse and the donkey. I do so love donkeys - as do all of you since you're Cargo's adopted parents! Oh, all the other treehouses are lovely too. But you put a donkey in front of something, and I will like it best (unless there's a donkey and an Irish wolfhound in front of another somewhere!) 

Last look

One last look at the ranunculus before they go. I'm super addicted to photographing them. Even now, I should be working but instead I'm thinking about how else I can shoot them.


I'm crazy for this bedroom from Paul Raeside's portfolio (found via Apartment Therapy, via Desire to Inspire). I always love beds without a headboard in pictures, though in real life I think it looks unfinished. The paneling helps a lot here. As does the hanging behind the bed. The whole effect is informal and cozy, but clean too. J'adore!


I need to luggage shop this weekend and am dreading it. "Luggage" and "baggage" are interchangeable in my mind. I do pine for those days when I could jet around with my mad, little backpack, no makeup on and still feel like I looked cute. But they are no more.

Camera equipment and books are my great tr
avel companions and I'm afraid neither fold up into neat little things. If I hadn't turned into such a high maintenance lady, I would be high-tailing it with one of these. As I post, I'm trying to convince myself I still can.

Filson otter green duffel bag from SSense
Mulholland waxed canvas bag (via Courtney of Under a Paper Moon)
Billykirk overnight bag (thanks BFF for the reminder!)

The sea, oh the sea

Whenever I go to the west coast of Ireland, I take the same route form Dublin. Once we reach Clare we always get off the N67 and take the R479 that hugs the coast around The Burren. There are two stretches of road that I get completely evangelical about and this is one of them (the other is a certain stretch of road between Banff and the Columbia Icefield in Alberta).

All I've been able to think about the last few weeks is that stretch of road. There's one beach along it, I'm pretty sure it's Fanore, that I especially love. No matter what the weather, I'm going to swim in the sea there. We'll have driven over from Dublin and it will have been more than six years since I've seen this place.

Now that I'm letting myself, I feel such a longing for it all. Of course, for Dublin and the cacophony of friends I'll see again. But, even moreso for this stretch of road and the way I always feel when I'm on it.

Do you get this way about a certain place? Where is it?

Images from Mattzart's Flickr, individual shots here and here


I love the stud details on this top and scarf from Madewell. Oh, Madewell, please open up in Canada. It's so lovely up here and we could get together all the time for sprees and kicks. You'd never regret it!

Margaret Howell

I love these crisp, clean looks from Margaret Howell.


I can't stop taking photographs of my ranunculus! See more here.

Valerie Finnis in World of Interiors

I've blogged a gazillion times about my love for World of Interiors and the article in April's edition about celebrated horticulturalist Valerie Finnis pretty much epitomizes my fondness for this publication.

Magazines usually cultivate want. But WoI is not necessarily about wanting to live in these spaces, or even about replicating their look. These amazing images inspire me in a deeper, more pervasive way; to be brazenly self-expressive and trust that style and beauty will come of that.

"Snug with a Pug and a Trug" from World of Interiors, April 2009
Photographed by Jan Baldwin

Grey Gardens

Yesterday was Grey Gardens day. I ordered HBO on Friday just so I could watch it, even though I've been vocally cynical about the job Ms Barrymore would do. After a day of shopping (I exercised admirable restraint, barring an Aritzia cardi that will be perfect for travelling), Candace and I tucked into dinner and had a Grey Gardens evening.

We watched Beales of Grey Gardens, then the new remake, then most of the original docu. The remake wasn't as mortifying as I expected it to be. Though I did find it shallow, omitting the darker qualities of the original. I think that no matter how much you loved the Edies (and I did) there's something disturbed and disturbing about them. And I feel they left that out completely. Did you watch it? What did you think?

Today, I finally felt ready to open a new book and, so far, it's a good 'un. After my routine coffee, I headed down to Queen where I blew my spending fast on two new pairs of Converse, which I have been planning to buy for ages (so a premeditated splurge, which I don't feel too much guilt over).

Now, I'm spring-cleaning, drinking a bottle of beer and listening to Hayden. It's a perfect day and I'm in heaven. Tell me stories about what you've been up to!


Such a gorgeous week... every day warmer and sunnier than the one before it. I have a lovely plan-free weekend ahead of me. I've been unusually efficient this week, so am up to date on chores and work. Might just crack open a new book, go to yoga classes, take a stroll in some neighbourhood I haven't been to in a while. What are you up to?

And I can't believe that I have only two weeks left before my trip home! I'm daydreaming nonstop about sea-swimming. Like it's going to be some elixir of life, which it very well may prove to be. This little obsession is making its way into my Flickr faves too. Looking at these images, don't you just want to dive in?

Image credits: 1. Untitled, 2. Doolin Surf, 3. Untitled, 4. Clearing Up

Josef Frank

I love the large scale patterns on the drapes in these two pictures. I have a little window in my kitchen that needs a roman blind and I might pick something crazy and punchy to make one with. Both images from this article on Skona Hem.


I've noticed lots of new commenters and followers here lately. It makes me so happy to have you here and especially to read your comments! I hope you like it enough to stick around for another while and indulge my little rants and fixations!

Speaking of fixations, remember this arrangement? It stuck in my head and I resisted buying this trophy a million times at Teatro Verde. But tonight it was glorious out and I had a little skip in my step and they had a big, big, big sale, so I grabbed my trophy and bought these gorgeous untameable ranunculus and I thought they looked lovely next to the blood oranges I cut up for dessert.

Suzanne Dimma's house

Some of you may know Suzanne Dimma from the show The Style Dept or as the home editor at Wish magazine. These days, she's Editor at Canadian House and Home and I love the more eclectic, high-low, Domino-esque influence she brings to the magazine.

Sometimes the tension between her style and Lynda Reeves' more vanilla, classic taste is palpable. I'm rooting for Dimma to win over the magazine a little more each issue. Her home, says it all. See the full house tour on Wish here

Photography by Rob Fiocca
First published in Wish October 2008
More pictures of her picture wall here too!

Noa Noa

Noa Noa's high summer collection is as sweet and wearable as we've come to expect from this gorgeous Danish label. Their kids collection is just as cute, though I typically want the kid's pieces in Jane-size, selfish childless creature that I am.


I'm crazy for these embroidered star constellations from Etsy seller Miniature Rhino.

Filippa K

Lovely, flowing looks from Swedish designer Filippa K. Perfect for dashing across sunny streets in!


I'm clearly having an Etsy-love week (they come in waves, no?) This necklace from Homako would dress up a tee and jeans perfectly! Seller found via One Perfect Thing, a daily read of mine!

Weekday flowers

Lovely pink tulips with a green tinge seemed like the perfect Easter flower. I'm spending more and more time fantasizing about having a little garden lately. For now, the flower market will have to do!

Acne Mayard Bardot

I adore this skirt from Acne Jeans. I'm pretty sure I would look ridiculous in it, but I would love to try it on nevertheless. And then spend the day feeling terrible because I looked ridiculous in it... Oh, the things we do to ourselves!


I love these little Bambino Vessels from Etsy-seller Popkraft. Instantly favourited! I discovered these on Distillate's site, which I discovered through Lori's lovely blog.

Vera scarves

I'm newly obsessed with Vera Neumann scarves and nabbed two super-cheap on Etsy last night. Thrift shopping (especially purchases under $20) does not count as breaking my spending fast, though even still I thought long and hard about each of these before hitting the buy button. There are lots more for sale on Etsy, here.

My purchases from Found Vintage Style and Half Caf (found via Frolic)

Plain English

I've seen, and admired, the Plain English advertisement a million times in magazines. But I don't think I actually visited their website until recently. I'm in love with these kitchens. I love how non-committal they are. You could go entirely country-style, or modern and they would adapt perfectly. I think they're a bit like my favourite architect in that respect.

Madame a Paris

I love the idea of a sequin skirt worn with a tee or sweatshirt. This is from Madame a Paris. I also love the model's hair! Cherry Blossom Girl had another great sequin skirt-tee interpretation on her blog. Check it out here. And finally, here's another lovely rendition from my own archive.

Laying tracks

A 3-day weekend can do wonders for the soul. Waking up this morning and still having another full day of nothing stretching in front of me was the nicest feeling. I took my Moleskine to my Starbucks to do some writing. I thought I'd just scribble away as always, notes and thoughts that might make it into something else somewhere down the line, but that also may just sit there in notebooks. I wonder sometimes about what I will do with these when I'm old and grey.

But, today my scribbles turned into plans and lists. I made 1-year and 5-year plans and listed all my ultimate wishes and set steps around them. I find it hard to work towards something until I've articulated it in a way that makes it wholly possible. Otherwise I'll just wish it away but do nothing to reach it. Some of my plans will take a terribly long time, but knowing that I can reach them sometime is enough. The rest of 2009 is about laying the foundation and establishing the habits that will set it all in motion.

I feel like the spending fast has given me the freedom to think like this. It has eliminated a distraction that normally keeps my sightline oriented on the very short term. Now, I'm not so much thinking about what I'll buy with my next pay cheque, but about what the hell I'm doing in a larger sense. This is not to say that I'm never going to shop or I'm going to start to live some life of thrift or deprivation. But, rather I'm aware of the alternative and will try to constantly weigh the one up against the other.


I drove myself a bit mad today by going in to Aritzia. It's such an easy store for me to spend money in. A slouchy cardi here, an easy top there, especially pieces from Wilfred. I'm hoping that books don't count when it comes to my spending fast, cause I managed to resist Aritzia only by hightailing it over to Indigo to stock up on some new reads.

I tried to start a new book today, but I'm still to haunted by Sebastian Barry to start a new story. So, a weekend of magazines and movies for me. I watched Rachel Getting Married last night and Happy Go Lucky today. In both cases, but especially Happy Go Lucky, I liked the idea better than the execution and the characters better than the actors.

Atmosphère & Bois

Oh dear, sometimes it's even more painful to discover something amazing from Canada because it seems even more possible (improbable as it might be) to get it. Atmosphère & Bois use materials recycled from old barns, as well as new materials, to create these amazing structures, from garden sheds to entirely new barns.