Bedroom 2010

One of my 2010 resolutions is to properly decorate my bedroom. First, I'm going to paint it white. And I've already made some purchases towards the new scheme (the Nelson pendant light). Below is a more detailed little look at what I'm envisioning. The jumping off point was one of the bedrooms from my 3 favourites post (I knew that exercise was a worthwhile one!)

The biggest stumbling block for me was choosing a bed. I didn't want anything too domineering, princessy, bulkily wooden (unless it was my ultimate BDDW bed, which it wouldn't be). It fast became apparent that I don't really want to see much of a bed, so I've selected this very lean base from Stylegarage. I'll dress it exactly like the inspiration image.

The other large investment will be the pair of Bestlite lamps. I think they're worth it and have started to save for them. I can't find anything cheaper that I like as much and that wouldn't constantly remind me how much I would prefer the Bestlites. Other things I already have: A similar kilim rug. And the chest of drawers pictured is my existing one, purchased from a local Toronto store many years ago. The drapes shown here are from West Elm.

The chair choice will probably come later, but I like the idea of a wing chair like this one from Ethan Allen to shake up the mix. The piece that is going to drive me nuts to find is the orchard ladder (for my scarf collection). The one pictured here is from Matter. I've wanted an authentic rustic one for the longest time and it would probably be easy to antique one outside the city (handy time to have that driver's license, Jane!)

So, I'm dying to know what you think? Please, be gentle.
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