Grey Gardens

Yesterday was Grey Gardens day. I ordered HBO on Friday just so I could watch it, even though I've been vocally cynical about the job Ms Barrymore would do. After a day of shopping (I exercised admirable restraint, barring an Aritzia cardi that will be perfect for travelling), Candace and I tucked into dinner and had a Grey Gardens evening.

We watched Beales of Grey Gardens, then the new remake, then most of the original docu. The remake wasn't as mortifying as I expected it to be. Though I did find it shallow, omitting the darker qualities of the original. I think that no matter how much you loved the Edies (and I did) there's something disturbed and disturbing about them. And I feel they left that out completely. Did you watch it? What did you think?

Today, I finally felt ready to open a new book and, so far, it's a good 'un. After my routine coffee, I headed down to Queen where I blew my spending fast on two new pairs of Converse, which I have been planning to buy for ages (so a premeditated splurge, which I don't feel too much guilt over).

Now, I'm spring-cleaning, drinking a bottle of beer and listening to Hayden. It's a perfect day and I'm in heaven. Tell me stories about what you've been up to!
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