Educating Rita

I watched the whole of Educating Rita on YouTube last night. It's all available here in ten parts. Maybe I wouldn't love this movie quite as much if it wasn't filmed at Trinity. In fact, I spent a good deal of my freshman year on a sofa in the room that's supposed to be Frank's office.

Sidebar true story: In drama class, I was tasked with taking on the character of Frank. There I was, a shy 17-year old girl, trying to channel an alcoholic, jaded professor. The teacher made me pace up and down and try to rant in character until she felt I had struck gold, at which moment she'd tell me to freeze. The whole endeavor took way longer than I wanted it to. And I still wince audibly when I think of it... What makes you wince like that? (I have a long list of mortification). You'll feel better for sharing ;)

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