A poem for Monday

I saw these Bears in Love from KG + AB. And then thought about Project Grizzly, a brilliant documentary which you must see if you haven't. And then remembered this poem (from this book), thinking I'd take a bearhug too. Are you big on hugs?

Bearhug by Nick Laird
It's not as if I'm intending on spending the rest of my life doing this:
besuited, rebooted, filing to work, this poem a fishbone in my briefcase.
The scaffolding clinging St Paul's is less urban ivy than skin, peeling off.

A singular sprinkler shaking his head spits at the newsprint of birdshit.
It's going unread: Gooseberry Poptarts, stale wheaten bread, Nutella and toothpaste.
A open-armed crane turns to embrace the aeroplanes passing above.

I hadn't the foggiest notion. Imagine: me, munching cardboard and rubbish.
but that's just what they meant when they said, Come in, you're dead-beat,
take the weight off your paws, you're a big weary grizzly with a hook through his mouth,

here, have some of this love.
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