I think I've hit the low-point of winter this week. I walked home last night and couldn't even visualize my street without snowbanks and salt, instead with sun on the pavement and leaves overhead. So, I threw on leggings and my big Park Vogel cardi and spent the evening watching Tess on DVD. Sometimes, when you're feeling blue, you just want more sadness...

I was surprised that I wasn't crying by the end of it, but it was very beautiful. What stood out for me wasn't how badly the men treated Tess, rather but how badly the women did. Especially her mother and the serving girls in the d'Urbervilles house. But even with the other milkmaids, there was a sense they could turn on her in a moment. Do you find us women more hard on our own sex? Huge thanks to Chelsea for reminding me to watch this!

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