Shopping Saturday

Today, it was sloppy and snowing outside. So, I decided I needed a winter blues cheer-up gallivant. At the coffee shop, I started re-reading Great Expectations, which was on my reread list (I forgot how funny it is, parts of it downright hilarious, humour rarely translated into TV productions or movies).

Then I hopped the streetcar down to Queen and hit The Japanese Paper Place, where I stocked up on crafting supplies, this book and some Night Owl wooden cards.
Afterwards, I dropped in to see lovely Alison at Cat Tilt. She's got some amazing Ruth Cross stuff in that had me swooning, but I didn't yield to that temptation. Instead, I picked up a pair of cozy suede Tom's. Next door, at Tealish I grabbed some Blueberry Lagoon and Strawberry Rhubarb Sencha. I wish I could embed a little scratch and sniff so you could experience these teas. I'm sipping Blueberry Lagoon as I type.

Last stop was the Red Tea Box. I've been in here a gazillion times but have never indulged in one of their beautiful little cakes. Now I can tick that off my life list. It was worth every sinful bite.

PS - One of the requests I received in response to this post, was more Canadian content. I've tagged all my Toronto design & shopping posts, so you can easily find local stuff. I've also added new links on the left to some of my regular haunts around the T-dot, as well as some of my favourite local artists and designers (some of whom sell online too). I hope to continue to expand on this... Toronto is full of brilliant talent!
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