Bathroom translated into bedroom

Remember the bathroom (posted here) that I wanted to turn into a bedroom? You likely thought those were just the rantings of a mad woman. But, I meant it! I broke down the elements, from the Asian style armoire to comfy seating.

Then I took a look at my bedroom layout, using Icovia, and played with where the pieces could lay out.

Then I went searching for the pieces to put it all together. This is what I put together.

Next step will be finding affordable versions of anything I can't afford / locate. I tend to start with a blue-sky shopping list and then look for similar options locally. That way I have a clear vision before I walk into a store. Plus, it helps me decide what I really want to splurge on and what I can cheap out on.

Item breakdown: Lantern from Heal's / Potted orchid / Table lamp from Habitat / Pendant from this image - still need to source something similar / Drapes from Caravane / Table from Room & Board / Books I have aplenty / Cushions by Judy Ross / Huge Armchair by Restoration Hardware / Chest already mine from Rusteak / Bed from Room & Board / Rug from West Elm
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