New desk!

I found my new desk at the same Leslieville store as the chairs I had reupholstered. I've struggled with whether to get a desk, or a table that can double as a dining table (the Saarinen tulip was the top contender). But the time I spend writing is much more important than sit-down dinners. When people come over, it's the coffee table we gravitate towards anyway. And I love how this is skeletal so doesn't hog too much visual space. (I think I'll still get the tulip, but as a side table.)

Ports 1961

The F/W Ports 1961 collection is absolutely, breathtakingly amazing. And their photo shoot is by far my favourite so far this season. Shot in Scotland with a Wuthering Heights moodiness that reminds me to reread that book. I'm completely in love with these images.

Scavenger Hunt - let's all play!

If you don't already read Design for Mankind, you should. I'm so excited about the Scavenger Hunt I signed up for (and so should you!) I can't wait to get my mission pack. If you're creative (erm, hello Lori, Alice, Chelsea and Laura) you should sign up too! More info here


Tonight, I went to Stratford after work to see Hughie & Krapp's Last Tape starring Brian Dennehy. The tickets were my b/day pressie way back. The plays were amazing and a poignant pairing. Brian Dennehy's young Krapp voice knocked my socks off! This painting if of John Hurt's Krapp, which I saw in Dublin, and is by Cian McLoughlin.

By Francine Collection

I took some time yesterday for a big browse around Holts and came across the By Francine Collection. Some very lovely looks for F/W.


I never turn my nose up at trying a new brand of good chocolate. Vosges bars seem to be everywhere right now and I love their quirky flavour combinations. Tonight, though, I tried Bovetti and it's sooo good. Plus, I love that the packaging has a window so you actually see the chocolate. I tried the caramel sea salt and it was yum!

Carina Ciscato

This porcelain is just beautiful. Carina Ciscato manages to imbue these deliberate and labour-intensive forms with fluidity and spontaneity, in the softest hues. Honestly breathtaking.

Amy Kent

Okay, I know I'm inviting some of your wrath when I say this: I think Ms. Weinrib has reached super-saturation point. Yes, she makes amazing rugs. Gorgeous. But I hate monopolies. There's room for Amy Kent, for instance. (Bev Hisey for another.)


I came across an advertisement for Talisman while browsing older magazines and was struck by the bold styling.

Built by Wendy F/W

Built by Wendy's Fall collection is trickling in. Right this second, I desperately want the scalloped blouse. Isn't it divine?


Me and my scanner spent some quality time together today. I scanned a bunch of my old B&W negs and uploaded them to my Flickr. All these photos were shot with Fuji Neopan 100, my favourite B&W film to shoot with, on my K1000. For the record, my fave colour film is Fuji Reala 100.

White Forest Pottery

I blogged before about White Forest Pottery. I paid their site another visit and found these lovely rocks, woven in netting with a natural waxed linen. Love!

Big thanks!

Kim and Jo from Desire to Inspire shared the love (and winks) with me today. Desire to Inspire has long been a daily read of mine. In fact, I've been known to obsessively trawl their archives in the wee hours looking for some image I just know I originally saw there. Thanks a million for the nod girls!


On the way home from work today, I nipped into Augustina. And, I know this picture doesn't do justice, so just trust me on this... Demylee makes the most beautiful cashmere I've seen in a long time... Hopefully her site launches fully soon so you can enjoy.

Friday fun

I've been sucked into a handful of "personality test" type quizzes lately. Occasionally, these can be enlightening. Oftentimes, you're left with the feeling that you're being square-pegged into a round hole. I know these are meant to be more fun than science, but I started wondering if I did a bunch would the results add up to come close to me. And, yes, I'm mostly being flippant. But also, a little curious. Maybe my choice of quizzes says as much about me as the results themselves...

(1) Decorating personality (from here)
Result: City chic: Your home is a serene and elegant haven displaying some beautiful pieces of furniture. You take real trouble putting a room together and are rightly proud of the overall classic look you have created. Such interiors may have that effortless look but they take time to evolve and require a discerning eye to achieve that welcoming look of lived-in grandeur.

(2) If you were an artist (from here)
Result: Expressionist: Like the expressionists, you probably understand that getting in touch with your feelings means really getting in touch with your feelings. You aren't afraid to scream when you feel like you're not being heard or cry when your feelings have been hurt. On the other hand, you are probably also the first to get excited about a great new project or express joy when something fabulous happens.

(3) Reading personality (from here)
Well-rounded: Your responses showed you fitting equally into all four reading personalities: Involved Reader, Exacting Reader, Serial Reader, Eclectic Reader.

(4) My mythical creature (from here)
Result: Pegasus: Pegasus types are theorists who aim to achieve in reality what they conceive with the mind. They are perfectionists who strive to produce order from what they regard as the chaos around them. They detest disorder and ugliness and have a particular flair for creating beautiful surroundings in which to live. They can be highly original and possibly eccentric. They are curious and open-minded but will require convincing evidence to back up ideas. They show exceptional organizational ability. Although they are among the least outgoing of the types they are very concerned with promoting social harmony. Their ability to be objective and impartial makes them popular as fair-minded arbiters of disputes. They are extremely independent and can seem emotionally distant.

(5) Colour personality (from here)
Result: Shades of Pale: A delicious, appealing environment is achieved using these light hues and tints. They are soft, relaxing colors that are also inviting and calming. The person who desires this palette chooses a pale wall color with confidence and not by default. They prefer versatility and modernity. Their belongings have importance and will be prominent in the decorating scheme.

(6) Jane Austen heroine (from back here)
Result: Elizabeth Bennett

(7) What's your trademark style (from here)
Result: Classic: From the basic twinsets and trousers to a classic little black dress and pearls, your wardrobe echoes the sophisticated simple-chic look made iconic by admirable dressers like Jackie O. and Audrey Hepburn. Your whole look is about timeless, effortless elegance in the vein of Nan Kempner.

Does this sound like me? Spot on? Hit and miss? What about you?

Anders Gramer

Anders Gramer is another photographer whose work I discovered in World of Interiors. He kindly agreed to let me feature some of his portfolio here. I can only imagine what it would be like to work on some of these shoots. 

More writers rooms

I blogged before about the writer's rooms section in the Guardian... these are some new pictures. I love this feature so much. They look like a places work really gets done, remind me of the office of my favourite professor and help me reconcile myself to my own piles and piles of books.

I may like all those white clean spaces, but in my heart I'm an eclectic, book hoarder. These pictures make me happy about that. Top to bottom: Raymond Briggs, David Harsent, Margaret Forster, Siri Hustvedt (who I'm reading right now).

Book report: The Sorrows of an American

On the back of What I Loved, I picked up this newest book by Siri Hustvedt. The Sorrows of an American is and feels very personal... indeed the "diary extracts" actually come from Hustvedt's father's memoirs. But it manages personal without being self-indulgent or self-aggrandizing.

I was also relieved there was
no great sha-shaw of revelation in the plot line; that the two secrets at the centre of the plot petered out gently. Because the drama in life isn't always dramatic in the story-telling sense. It's often in our internal life , our dreams (waking and sleeping) and wishes that our dramas are perpetuated. And these are the tales that Hustvedt is hugely adept at telling.


I was reading through some old posts and found this one about The Frock, which led me back to their site. Here are some more favourites (the original dress I featured is still there too). Some of the detail shots are exquisite.


I came home from work early today with a earachey / headachey kind of wooziness. I'm feeling knocked for six, so am heading to bed with a book. This is a straight print of picture I took one foggy night when I lived in Calgary. Everything was green. It was uncanny. I bought some film on the weekend and am going to load up my old k1000. I can't wait to feel its weight in my hands again. I miss shooting film.

Up in the Air Somewhere

I marked this as a favourite some time ago (led there by Leah, aka the best Etsy treasure-hunter on earth). When I saw it in September's Martha Stewart Living magazine (page 94), I spurred myself into action, suspecting they'd quickly disappear. A huge congrats to Susan on being included! I can't wait to receive this lovely vessel! More here.

Full moon, sun parlour

I got in late last night from seeing the Sunparlour Players, who were awesome. Even though the full moon had moved out of my apartment's sightline, it was lighting up the clouds and I snapped a few pics through my window.

I'm not normally into hocus pocus but the moon does seem to have strange effects on me. I get antsy and nuts (antsier and nuttier than normal). Despite my skepticism, everything they say about Cancerians seems to apply completely to me. Including my love of Capricorns (most of my best friends are Caps).
I'm going to try to take pictures of every full moon for the next while. They're all slightly different. Farmer's Almanac has a calendar if you're curious. The next one's a harvest moon! Image via


Thoughts of Avoca always make me homesick. I love the Georgian Dublin backdrop to their latest collection.

Cascading tiers

These seem like a special treat for a Friday. Happy from every angle... From Gallery17 at 1stDibs.


If it were possible to make romantic overtures towards a store, Toast and I would be in a serious, long term, committed relationship. Seriously, too many beautiful images and clothes to post.

Don Freeman

Of any magazine, the one that I find the most relateable and ultimately inspiring is World of Interiors. Which is odd since it mostly features very, very grand homes the likes of which I don't reside in. But it's the patina and imperfection, the lack of perfect polish, that makes me feel - literally and inspirationally - at home. When I'm feeling malcontent with everything I have and its un-put-togetherness, this magazine always soothes my angst.

One of the photographers who has captured some of these amazing interiors is Don Freeman (the Montauk home feature in the August 2008 won my instant love). His portfolio is equally amazing. I had a massively hard time limiting my choices to these pictures.

n the fall of 2008, Rizzoli will publish Don's new book, a culmination of 20 years of collaboration with jewelry designer Ted Muehling, who I similarly cannot get enough of. Plus, Don's working on his first short film, shot 19 years ago during the time he lived in Paris. A busy and exciting time. I can't wait to see the fruits of his labour!

Note: All images posted with the consent of Don Freeman.

Flowers & Claire Pratt

I went by the flower markets on the way home today. When I buy flowers I always let whatever looks good and suits my mood dictate what I buy. All these papery pinks and purples drew me in today. I put them in the jug from one of my granny's china sets.

The small woodcut is by Claire Pratt and is called "Deep Calleth Unto Deep." I fell for it a few years ago on a Sunday trawling through the beautiful mess at D&E Lake, enjoying the smell of old books.

Madewell = MadeforJane

Because I LOVE each of these these outfits from head to toe, I'm very much excited about being able to shop online from here... Plus, don't you think every one of these outfits would go with the M0851 purse I want? Yes, yes, you do.

Angharad McLaren

I was a clickaholic on the weekend and found myself on the site of Angharad McLaren. Her inspiration comes from sea sports like windsurfing and scuba diving, which give the work a high-tech and highly colourful feel, married with a traditional approach to textile arts.


A new season and new lustworthy purses and clothes from my fave M0851. It will be no surprise that I want the something in the bright blue hue.

Le Petit Atelier de Paris

I've been an Etsy fan of Abigail Percy for a while now. And then I saw her house on Design*Sponge and was pretty sure I wanted to move in. Trawling her blog, I discovered Le Petit Atelier de Paris. Yes, an extra dusting of coveting on top of lust, wrapped in a case of envy...

Louise Hederstrom

I was pretty damn sure I had found every lace / enchanting silhouette light there was out there. But no, there are more out there, like this one from Louise Hederstrom. I'm still obsessed. I'll need lots of rooms for all these lights.


I got rained on on my way for coffee today, came home and did housework and then decided to do some work and knocked off 5 freelance pieces. Then, desperately in need of something to redeem the day other than hard graft, I replanted my succulents, since they keep having babies and outgrowing their pots. Don't they look happy? The plant pot is from Teatro Verde.

Vanderhurd rugs

So many things in this month's Elle Decor made me gasp. But these rugs by Vanderhurd elicited the loudest gasp of all.