Beautiful Skellig

Skellig Michael (Sceilig MhichĂ­l) is a rock rising out of the Atlantic, just off the west coast of County Kerry in Ireland. In 588AD monks built a monastery on this rock and for 600 years it was an important monastic site in Europe. About 12 monks would live there at a time and in the 12th century they abandoned the island and moved back to mainland Ireland.

Today, the island is an UNESCO heritage site and because of high tides, is difficult to get to except on the calmest days during summer months. I've tried and failed to get out there and it's become a bit of an obsession for BFF and me. When I feel homesick, it's generally the west coast of Ireland I miss, in particular the county of Clare. And I want to go back and take another stab at setting foot on the Skellig. Hopefully on a day when nobody else deigns to so I can have it all to myself.

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