Emma Bridgewater

I don't really have a big Daniel Craig crush (except him as Ted Hughes, who I absolutely do have a big crush on,) but this tea towel still makes me smile. From Emma Bridgewater.

Beckett in Domino!

Yay! Turn to page 135 of Domino: It's like somebody read my secret "A Few of my Favourite Things" and made a magazine out of them. Still, I never expected Domino to cater to my Beckett obsession!

Abigail Percy

Abigail Percy just got new stock in her Etsy store and I suspect it will go fast. Especially if there are people like me out there, who impulse-purchased this necklace.

Built by Wendy

I don't know anybody called Wendy but it's such a sweet name and this Wendy builds the loveliest clothes. I think this sailor top is cute as a button.

Weekend to-do

Do you make lists? I love 'em. I'll have a notebook full of them and lots more in my head. My weekend to do list:
(1) Get ahead with work (loud sigh and collective ugh!)
(2) Haircut & colour
(3) Collect "For-like-ever" from framers (see result below)
(4) Buy Christmas wrapping paper and ribbons
(5) Buy stamps and mail Irish Christmas cards
(6) Finish writing Canadian Christmas cards
(7) Catch up on phonecalls
(8) Housework, laundry etc.
(9) Finish hanging pictures
(10) Make creme brulee for Irene!
(11) Sleep! haven't done so in a week...

I'm still hemming and hawing about the puppy. The thought of doing it alone scares me. It's not something I want to do stupidly, but I also know there are some things you'll never feel 100% ready for and you just got to do them. Hm. And then I read Posie Gets Cozy and this post on Maison21 and I remember how lovely it is to have animals in your life.

Alexander McQueen

Is it just me or is this a slow-as-molasses week? Since some of you are stuffing yourselves with turkey, and it's a normal work-day in Canada, I spent some time browing the Harvey Nics website (the fairy makes me happy.) And there I found this purse. Of course I knew I loved the Novak, of which this is a little reminiscent, but it never hurts to remind oneself. Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the US!

Abigail Percy

I bought this Ornament print from Abigail Percy and am quite honestly lusting after everything else she makes. 

Puppy love

I've been talking about getting a dog for yonks. I'd love a spunky little fella, but not hyperactive or untrainable. The current front-runner is a Schnoodle; I like my canine companions to look slightly wizardly. The big question is can I make this work with my job? I live alone and would have to get a walker to let the dog out during the daytime. But, if not now, when? What's going to change to make it any easier?

Chie Mihara

It's been so long since I went on a shoe binge. I desperately want both of these, from Chie Mihara.

Falling Cloudberries

I love my weekends! I spent time yesterday and today framing my recent print purchases. Thankfully, there's a frame sale on at Pottery Barn, so I even stockpiled a few extra for the prints yet to arrive. I bought and wrote most of my Christmas cards and cleaned my apartment. I even did a little DIY project yesterday. All in all very satisfying. Now, I'm going to sift through Falling Cloudberries (the most beautiful cookbook, even if you never cook one thing from it) and perhaps make something later on.

Zara Home

Did we already know that in Europe Zara is selling home-wares too, at Zara Home? I wonder if we'll catch any of that action on this side of the pond.


When Frye decided to stray from the classic Campus boot formula, things could have gone either way. But I really like their new looks. You?

End Times

I was familiar with Jill Greenberg's, but hadn't seen these. I love them. I think they might be difficult for some people to look at, but anybody who's spend much time around kids knows you can go from shitstorm to sweetie-pie in a New York minute. Greenberg has just taken a step backwards to capture their completely uninhibited meltdown.

Doug Wilson

This is sold out, but I'm hoping they restock. I love it. It's by Douglas Wilson and was available at Keep Calm Ltd.

Zebra print

I've been crazy about these chairs (from Michelle Smith's - of Milly - apartment featured in Oct's Elle Decor.) And, just now, I found this J. Crew cardi in almost the same pattern. I'm not one to wear yellow, or animal print, but if I had the chairs, I might get the cardi to wear when sitting in them. Just for comedy value.

Cian McLoughlin / Shelbourne Hotel

So, I was doing more half-fake half-real vacation planning and I remembered the Shelbourne Hotel is open again, newly renovated. It was always my favourite Dublin hotel. I used to hop across Stephen's Green for drinks there after work.

So, I thought oh wouldn't it be lovely to stay at the Shelbourne, if only for
one night. And went to their website, only to be greeted by this image of their new reception, complete with a painting based on Beckett's Waiting for Godot. How perfect is that? The artist is Cian McLoughlin and he's my new official favourite painter. Apparently the hotel is full of great Irish art, including some Louis leBrocquy, another fave of mine. I think I must splurge for one night! Beckett is calling to me...

Watts of Westminster

BFF thinks the last post was entirely me wishing I could be messy. And he might be right. For one thing, my library would have colour-coded bookshelves and carefully arranged collages of all those useful tidbits I gather. Oh, and I just decided, it would also have this couch. Because it's mad. And ginormous bookish rooms should imply a healthy dose of bourgeois eccentricity. Especially for those of us who cannot be messy. From Watts of Westminster.

Writers' rooms

Remember your Professor's office in University? These remind me of those. I think that professorial bookish-cluttered aesthetic has always tempered my more neutral taste. These are from a Guardian special section on Writers' Rooms. Rooms without books make me feel ill!

Christmas wishlist

Okay, you can play coy and pretend you'd be happy with something modest. But I just know there's something you espied in the last twleve months that you didn't / couldn't buy and would secretly love to receive. Here's my ultimate ultimate Christmas wishlist.

1. A brand new, on steroids, MacBook Pro so I don't rely on my work laptop!
2. Madeline Weinrib zigzag rug - need I saw why?
3. The Pare "Present" umbrella
4. Coach wallet - I usually loathe Coach, but I like these stripes!
5. This painfully delicate birds and nest ring from Alex Monroe
6. French cane bed (okay, I know it's a stretch, but this is my ultimate wishlist after all)
7. This Cassandra Barney print, or better still, painting
8. Dessous by Sophie Simmons nightwear, so I can be a more stylish insomniac
9. The 3rd part of John Richardson's Picasso bio, plus the time to read it please!
10. The Ladies Nature bike in vanilla from Skeppshult, complete with basket and skirt guard.

Favourite stores

While I love the J.Crew catalogue and all that preppy cashmere and those perfect lines, I am no J. Crew girl. I'm positively slobbish compared to those "clean enough to eat your dinner off it" looks. Last night, I stayed up late looking at online catalogues of my favourite stores at home.

I think Anthropologie would be the closest match to Jigsaw and Avoca. Unfortunately, we don't have Anthropologie in Canada. And, really, I'm just craving these two stores! Then I checked my airmiles. I have enough to cover the flight home, so it's simply a matter of not working for 1-2 weeks! I think April in Ireland sounds divine!

Ted Muehling

Last weekend, at the Gardiner, I happened upon some work by Ted Muehling. I wasn't familiar with his name before but a little bit of research revealed I'm the slowest kid in class on this one. BFF loved his candlesticks, made in collaboration with E.R. Butler & Co., but I was instantly-obsessed with his porcelain.

Sophie Conran

Habitually Chic turned me on to this darling china from a member of that perpetually-talented family, the Conrans. Sophie Conran's china is disarmingly sweet, yet not overtly girly. 

Jenn Ski

et·sy·hol·ism: a chronic disorder characterized by dependence on Etsy.com, repeated excessive use of Paypal, the development of withdrawal symptoms on reducing or ceasing shopping and decreased ability to function socially and vocationally.... I bought this today from Jenn Ski.

House & Garden folds

Wow this one took me by surprise, especially given the huge response to the latest House & Garden issues (that Gwyneth feature that everyone and his dog ooh-ed and aah-ed over.)

However, I know the decor magazine market is crowded. I have one suggestion: Stagger the new editions of the magazines. They all come out on the same day and once they're out it's hard to resist buying and reading. But then there's that "dead fortnight" when there are no new magazines to read... Simplistic sure, but it would make me happier and that's all that counts...

John Robshaw

I've been a bedlinen purist ever since I started buying my own bedlinen - white, and only white. John Robshaw is singularly responsible for turning my head on this issue. I've long associated patterned bedlinen with ruffled bed-skirts and matching curtains with matching tie-backs; the worst kind of Laura Ashley bedroom. John Robshaw is nothing like that. See for yourself in his new webstore. (PS Torontonians: Get it at Constantine).

Affordable gift ideas

For those of you already panicking at the idea of the cost of all those gifts you want to buy, I think this is a brilliant solution. While the stocking stuffer route can get expensive, done well it has a lot of bang for a tiny wee buck. Here's how: Buy products that come in multiples and split them out into combinations that match your recipient's tastes. Ribbons, tissue paper and unique labels will go a long way to turn these from banal objects to ultimate assortments of goodies.

Shown, L-R, top to bottom: Candle set from Pottery Barn / Lipgloss from CARGO / Tea from Tealish / Frame-worthy card from Koch Modern Folk Printing / Shea Butter Handcream from L'Occitane / Frame from IKEA / Labels from Paperologie / Hot Chocolate from Mariebelle / Matches from Areo

Paris Breakfasts

One of the many blogs I daily peruse includes the fabulous Paris Breakfasts. For one thing, we share a love of macaroons (though Carol goes to far greater lengths than I ever could) and Carol's water-colours are as sweet and lovely as the confections she features.

This week, she stopped me in my tracks with this creation. Sure, chocolate-coating something nearly always results in tasty goodness. But check out this baby Carol happened upon at Pierre Herme. BFF asked me "why are you still obsessed with macaroons?' Only a man would ask such a question when such creations exist to obsess over...

Nantaka Joy and Michael Aram

So, yesterday was one of those days when you see so much your senses overload and you end up buying something. But, I didn't buy everything I liked. For instance, I passed up these heart bowls by Michael Aram. Nor did I purchase this notebook from Nantaka Joy. I love both. And that's how this year's Christmas Wishlist is getting started. What's on yours?

Jonathan Adler

I'm not quite Riley, but days like today make me think I've got it pretty good. I found this candle at AT (my first of many Jonathan Adler purchases, I suspect.) And then some other bits from Roost at L'Atelier. Oh and macaroons at Patachou. Sounds pretty perfect? You betcha.

Vogue Living, Amanda Harlech

So, I've had wicked bad carpal tunnel all week. So much so that I've been sitting on my couch with ice packs. Which is to say, I'm feeling sorry for myself and we all know what that leads to. Yes, I bought the Vogue Living book. I was completely sold when I saw Amanda Harlech in it. If I could be anybody's biographer, it would be Lady Harlech's. And as her biographer, I would naturally get her horses and Paris wardrobe housed at the Ritz.