Hangover cures

I, of course, am a lady and never ever drink too much. But, for the rest of you savage drunks, I imagine if one did have a wicked hangover these would help you feel a tad better.

Dove grey

I'm still on the grey thing, but the shade is lightening to a more dove-grey colour, layered with textures from metal to fabric. I'm really dying to redecorate, but I'm not quite there yet. Images like these give me that extra nudge.

Roger Oates

If I had a stairs, this is what I'd put on it. From Roger Oates.

Madeline Weinrib

Madeline Weinrib rugs rock my world. So much so, that I find it hard to fantasy-decide which I want most.

Beckett in GQ

It's the antithesis of everything Becketty to be in GQ, so I'm conflicted at them listing him as a Top 50 Style Icon. That said, I'm delighted that they chose colour picture of him. Those B&W Cartier-Bresson shots that we're all so familiar with make him look wizened and timeless, but seeing him in colour gives us a rare opportunity to see those striking blue eyes. 

Flower brooches

While I was browsing Alexis Bittar I saw these lucite flowers (bottom picture), which are a lovely modern alternative to the enamel flowers I regularly lust after on S J Phillips' website (top picture). Not to mention the price difference: US$250 and up versus UK1,000 and up... I'm planning to buy some grandfather style cardis and wear them over girly tops, possibly belted, adorned with delightful brooches.

Alexis Bittar

I really had a hard time deciding which pieces to feature from Alexis Bittar, there are so many beautiful lucite creations. However, I especially love the textures and tones in these pieces, and malachite seems to be so hot right now.

The Branch

I'm really enchanted by the notion of these pieces from The Branch, especially the "emerald-cut" wooden rings.

Studio Printworks

My wallpaper sample collection is still growing, with yesterday's arrival of these gorgeous samples from Studio Printworks. I'm rarely happy deciding on something until I've seen every available option.

Julian Chichester

What a great dining table! Reminiscent of the beautiful Eero Saarinen tulip, from Julian Chichester.

Hollace Cluny

Hollace Cluny is easily my favourite Toronto store. Some of the treasures available include CX Design lamps, Caleb Siemon glassware, Martha Sturdy resin, Sarah Perlis jewelry and K Studio cushions.

Duane Antiques

You think you get it, but really you can't have the foggiest idea how much I want this chair for my bedroom... From Duane Antiques.

Roost flowers

At l'Atelier, I also got the lovely porcelain flower (by Roost), seen here on my tray table. I love its delicate form.

Sonya Ooten

I'm in love: Crochet gold - I wish my granny had needled stuff like this. From Sonya Ooten.

Poliform closets

I hate the idea of beautiful big homes filled with furniture that's never sat on. Or even regular-sized homes with unused formal sitting rooms. So, I'm not one of those people antsy to get out of apartment-living. However, I do dream of an apartment with a spare room that I could convert into a walk-in closet. Like these, from Poliform. Now, that's a sensible use of space...

J.Crew jacket

I think I'm going to buy this jacket from J.Crew. It has a whole Chanel Resort collection vibe.

Upholstered Bed

While I was on the Plantation LA site, I found this bed. It's upholstered in fabric with the same pattern as the wallpaper I was oodling last week, again by Kelly Wearstler. I'm always stuck between the thought of an upholstered bed and a more romantic caned one. I love both options.

Jewelry storage

I'm unapologetically hooked on these graphic black-and-white boxes. From Plantation LA.

Finn Juhl

Ah, a pair of these would nicely finish off my floorplan. From Finn Juhl.

L.K. Bennett

I can't remember when I last checked, but I was delighted to see that LK Bennett has relaunched with e-commerce. 


My inner prepster is in love with J. Crew cashmere. These colours take me back to the glory days of Benetton in the late 80's / early 90's and those ads they ran, which at the time seemed so radical.

Happy moments

Many people talk about happiest moments in their lifetimes: Their wedding day or birth of their children. I don't know- I've ever experienced these things. Never mind. Nevertheless.

My "happiest moments" are wholly aesthetic. There are three that immediately come to mind: Seeing Manet's Olympia in the Musee d'Orsay; walking across Red Square in the dark after a ballet; seeing John Hurt play Krapp in Krapp's Last Tape.

The binding factor in each? - Me alone, for once entirely comfortable. Maybe I'm extremely limited or selfish in not relating my moments to another... But the truth is that I'm most often the most relaxed, and the happiest, alone.

Grey sweaters

I tend to layer more than wear one bulky item. But these three have me rethinking... (left to right: Rebecca Taylor @ Shopbop; Guinevere @ Anthropologie; Alice & Olivia @ Shopbop) And, yes, I'm still on the grey kick...

Kelly Wearstler

This is Chloe Sevigny's apartment as featured in House & Garden. I love this green. Plus, a bicycle in a hallway always makes me ridiculously happy. See the full feature here. The paper is by Kelly Wearstler.