S.J. Phillips

There are some things that you grow an appreciation for as you age. Jewelry is definitely one. I'm nowhere near buying pieces like this, but I do love looking at antique jewelry. Especially art deco styles. S.J. Phillips is an inspirational window-shopping site.

Olivia Morris

I adore the shoes on the right from Olivia Morris.

John Derian

I'm head over heels for John Derian's ways.

Mont Blanc

I starti to feel a disconnect with other women when I look at watches. Are these really the watches we want? - They're basically diamond bracelets. It's kindof perplexing that somebody like Baume & Mercier makes a great men's watch, but for women there's only some roman-numeral bedazzled number. So maybe I should look at men's watches? Though honestly I don't fancy that much bulk on my wrist. Still, I love the font on this Star watch from Mont Blanc...

Bedat watch

I want a watch that incorporates both silver and gold metal. I don't like metal straps and I don't like the watch-as-jewelry look. I remain uncommitted on face shape, numerals and how many hands. But, simplicity is best and Roman numerals seem silly to me at times. So, it's in spite of the Roman numerals I'm drawn to this one from Bedat.

D.L. & Co.

I've wanted a D.L. & Co. candle since I first learned about them. The packaging is delectable, like a small black silk hatbox, with hand-folded tissue inside and then the candle itself in a art-deco inspired glass vessel.

Jessica Cushman

I've just found, and fallen for, these resin "scrimshaw" bangles from Jessica Cushman. I think my favourite is "Does this bracelet make me look fat?"

Grey Leather

A while ago, I admired a leather jacket from COS. I've been seeing a lot of grey leather around and finding myself craving it more and more. In fact, I think I'll be stockpiling grey this season, since it's one of my favourite colours to wear and it seems to be hitting in spadefuls. The purse is by Kale at Shopbop, the shoes Chie Mihara from Neiman Marcus.

Setting goals

Sometimes, knowing what you want isn't helpful in of itself. Last night, another insomniac night doing laundry at 2am and listening to jazz, I remembered how great it was in University, working in semesters and courses. It's not that I'm nostalgic and want to go back to being a student, but there is something to be learned from that structure.

The fact is, I led a better life when I was a student. My study ethic was similar to my work-ethic (a kind of all-consuming passion,) but I had time to go running everyday, to read a novel a week on top of my study-reading and more...

Ever since I left academia I've had a hard time replicating that balance in jobs. The fact is a job will never say you've done enough, whereas academia has clear deadlines you hit - turning in papers, writing a thesis etc.

My job has some of those deadlines ) but way more ongoing elements, and it's those things that suck me in and push out the other stuff I want to do. I hate to sound evangelical, but the simple act of buying trainers and going for a real run in them last night, really reminded me of the things I want.

I have a certain aloofness from my own life at times, it's not so much procrastination as a major focus on ultimate goals without a plan-of-action to get there. It can turn me into a bit of a day-dreamer. In the next few weeks, I'm going to try to shift my focus from the goals themselves and to the plan-of-action. Getting back running is a small, but massively symbolic, part of this...

Richard Buckner

I was cleaning today listening to Richard Buckner on my iPod. I'm way too fickle to play favourites with music, but this is an album I find myself longing to hear when I haven't in a while.

Lona Design

Lona Design is a Toronto company that produces pieces and material combinations that intrigue and delight. For instance, this console is pink glass and bronze.

Rewire lighting

I tried searching online for lights today. The problem is that there's a really odd price-scale on lighting. You get to the likes of IKEA, Pottery Barn etc. at the low end, and then there's nothing for miles... until you're up at the high end. It was at the high end that I found these lights from Rewire


BFF is having a hard time finding the perfect man-bag. He has considered, and rejected, the Filson fishing bag everybody seems to be sporting. It's got to be rugged and well-made, but not artificially weathered. Hardware should be solid brass. And he prefers non-leather and, of course, not exorbitant. But, I'm secretly rooting for this Mulberry one.